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Hagan Gets Bloomy’s Money

Another day, another whiny email from the Special Interests Kay Hagan campaign about outside money attacking her. Looks like she’s not busy enough dodging her 24 Obamacare lies.

You see, Special Interest Kay only complains about people spending money against her. When it’s for her? Well, shut up.. because Koch Brothers, Karl Rove.. or something. Just look at the pile of money Mike Bloomberg just dropped on Harry Reid’s Super PAC to help her out: Continue reading

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#AskKay About Her Special Interests Hypocrisy

Well, Hot Air certainly has an interesting story up on Kay Hagan and it’s not about Obamacare. Well, not all of it. Excerpt:

Even better, Hagan tries to hit Tillis for supporting special interests. It’s fairly shocking that Kay Hagan would attack anyone on special interests. Her list of special interests and lobbyist backers — including her buddy Tony Podesta – is as long as your arm. (See here, here andhere for starters.) This isn’t even counting the $1million+ that political action committees have poured into her campaign or her financial reports from her time in state legislature. This has led some to begin calling her “Special Interest Kay.” Continue reading

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Hagan Sprinting From Her Record On #Obamacare

If you want to see an epic example of what lengths a politician will go to in order to save their own rear, one has to look no further than North Carolina’s Kay Hagan. Hagan’s camp is doing a total about-face out of pure desperation.

Act of pure political desperation: @kayhagan is tryng to hide that she cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare: http://t.co/2TXvsVwpuH #ncsen

— Brook Hougesen (@Brook_H) November 12, 2013

True Believer

Hagan is one of the true believers in the President’s “Affordable Healthcare Act” that the public has dubbed Obamacare. Now she’s on the ropes and unlike during the government shut down, Hagan can’t just disappear. Continue reading

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