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Jeb! drops out after doing his damage to Cruz, Rubio

Well most folks are talking about Jeb! dropping out last night. It was good that he did, it was clearly time given his poor showings in Iowa, New Hampshire and now, South Carolina.

I’m more interested in the damage Jeb! did though. Actually, not just Jeb! bit also Kasich and Carson. Let’s do some math. Continue reading

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Bree Newsome’s “Daring” Climb

Have you heard about the woman who scaled a flagpole in South Carolina to remove the Confederate Flag? Some are calling that “daring”.

Given that she was wearing climbing gear and had a spotter I’d call it “staged”. Continue reading

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Common Core And South Carolina’s Withdrawl – PT 2

Earlier today I wrote about the South Carolina Superintendent’s plan to truly kill Common Sad woman CCS articleCore. I pointed to the copyright and terms of use as the tools Superintendent Zais needed to complete his task.

There were other interesting things about this article at The State, but they were in the comments. One comment from that article that I’d like to highlight hits on the new narrative of Common Core Supporters: Continue reading

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Common Core And South Carolina’s Withdrawl

There’s an article on The State this week about the SC Superintendent killing Common Core with a plan of his that he intends to execute on his way out of office. The plan tells educators re-writing the standards to ignore Common Core:

KEEP READING Continue reading

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