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Hey Wake County, Ready To Pay More In Taxes?

Didn’t I warn people to expect that tax hikes were coming? Yep.

What I didn’t expect was the Wake County Commissioners to blink. Continue reading

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More (Moral Monday) With Four To Hit Morrisville

The NC Dems campaign, ‘More with Four’ will be in Morrisville.

I hope someone will ask questions.

Ask Ms. Holmes why she doesn’t state in her bio that she is an NCAE attorney who has spoken at Moral Monday. Ask the Wake Dems why they pulled her video. Someone should confirm that “Sig” took those Moral Monday pictures. Also, someone ask John how it’s o.k. to defend someone who tweets out personal information of Twitter users?

Wake up. These people want to control the purse strings, folks.
Given the Moral Monday’s agenda would cost NC billions, these candidates need to be called out on their support of Moral Monday.

Email below. Continue reading

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#NCDEMS Go After County Commissioners Race, Launch “More With Four”

NC Democrats have launched a site called “More with Four.”  Continue reading

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