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Victim of Childhood Sex Abuse Thanks Gov. McCrory for Supporting #HB2 [VIDEO]

A woman stood up at a meeting on small business development and told the Governor of North Carolina something very personal — admitting she was a victim of childhood sex abuse. She then thanked Governor McCrory for his strong stance on HB2 and what it meant to her to have a safe space in public facilities.

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The Next Distraction On Deck

Since January, we’ve had a string of controversy filled distractions attempting to mask the horrific Presidency of Barack Obama. I predicted a few of these, but the one I am going to focus on I called several months back when I saw Media Matters and Think Progress pushing certain stories regarding “anti-gay” policies. Let’s look back just a bit first, at the other distractions blown out of proportion by the Obama media lapdogs.

It started with the protracted and manufactured war on women, starring Sandra Fluke, Komen and Augusta National. Each of those failed but not before consuming a lot of media attention and causing people to bite each others heads off on Facebook. When that ran out of steam, there was the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, who apparently looks like the son Obama never had. In between it all, there was the short-lived war on students and Obama’s continued assault on Religious Freedom (a.k.a Obamacare). Now, the focus is back on Obama and the awful July jobs report coming out, it was time for digging up the almost year old Chik-Fil-A “anti-gay” story, which received the mother of all smack-downs from citizens all over American patronizing Chik-Fil-A in droves on August 1st.

With the epic failure of the Chik-assault, attention now must be turned to another social crisis, but using a different angle. The new target is none other than the Boy Scouts of America. They are about to become the new ‘Catholic Priest’ scandal or worse, be thrown in with evil abusers such as Jerry Sandusky. Enter the LA Times, suppressor of the Obama/Rashid Khalidi tape, with the headline:

Boy Scouts Files reveal repeat child abuse by sexual predators. Continue reading

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