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Occupy 2.0 Update: Confirmation – Fast Food Strikes Tied to SEIU

More Fast Food Worker Strikes Courtesy of the SEIU and their storefront “Occupy 2.0” social justice groups. See how they tie together, the footprint of Unions in NC and where Moral Mondays fit in. Continue reading

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NC Legislature Looks To Make Right To Work Status Permanent

The North Carolina State Legislature is looking to make the state’s Right to Work status a permanent fixture.  The Carolina Journal Reports: RALEIGH — Backing up comments promising North Carolina would remain the “least unionized state in the United States,” Speaker … Continue reading

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At Breitbart this headline caught my eye:

NC School District Pushes Union Propaganda in Math Classes

Quick summary of the article — Eighth graders using the virtual classroom were treated to math lessons using Unions as examples:

Screenshot via the Breitbart Article

Color me shocked. Not.

Unionization of state employees is prohibited in NC. That hasn’t stopped the unions from trying. I’ve written before that the SEIU has already infiltrated the SEANC and has been aided by Governor Perdue on quite a few occasions. All one has to do is pay attention to the top banner of the SEANC website.

Flashback February 2011 – SEIU/MoveOn.org Protests in Raleigh, NC: Continue reading

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