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Students ‘Walked Out’ As NC School Threats Continue

School threats are the new “Me Too” and still going on at a steady rate in North Carolina despite the recent ‘walk out’. I’ve been keeping track of school threats for the last month or so.

Here’s the latest set of NC school threats, one of which ironically kept students from participating in the ‘walk out’.  Also, stay with me as I cover Roy Cooper’s latest stunt. Continue reading

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ICYMI – Three More School Threats In NC Last Week

In case you missed it, the NC school threat “me too” wave continued with three more reports made last week.   Continue reading

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The Media Is Getting What It Loves

At CPAC this year, Dana Loesch’s speech took aim at the media, specifically that the media loves mass shootings because “crying white mothers are ratings gold.” The media is getting what it loves, and then some. Continue reading

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Congrats, Parkland Activists. You’ve launched the next “me too.”

Last week, North Carolina school kids lost their damn minds. There were no less than six threats to schools – many specifically stating a student was going to ‘shoot up the school’. There were dozens of them nationwide. Good Job Parkland Activists, you’ve launched the next “me too.” Continue reading

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