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Sen. Tillman Moving Forward With NC Superintendent Bill

Senator Jerry Tillman has proposed the idea of making the NC Superintendent an appointed position instead of an elected position. As I noted before the holidays, in June of 2014, Senator Tillman filed Senate Bill 880 titled the Education Simplification Amendment.  It … Continue reading

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Have You Read John Hood’s Latest Education Article?

Have you read John Hood’s latest article on Education?


I didn’t intend to pick a fight with this article, but I guess I might have. I’ll say that this frustration here isn’t rooted in actions by Democrats, but by those considered allies until now.

It is getting very tiresome for conservatives in North Carolina to have a super-majority in this state, yet be constantly fishing knives out of our backs. Continue reading

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NC Senate Bill 880 And The NC Superintendent Position

In June of 2014, Senator Jerry Tillman filed Senate Bill 880 titled the Education Simplification Amendment. It passed the first reading and was sent to the Education/Higher Education committee. See the bill’s history here.
According to the SB 880’s opening text, the NC Superintendent of schools position would be changed significantly from and elected superintendent to a Governor appointed ‘secretary of education’ through a state Constitutional amendment:

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Education Simplification Amendment Is Overdue

The NC State Superintendent has had a lot of freedom to put North Carolina on the hook for big future spending and in obligating our state to activities that one can arguably say would fall in the category of a power overreach.

Just take the one example of Common Core. Dr. Atkinson, along with Governor Perdue, committed North Carolina to the Common Core before the standards were even published via North Carolina’s Race To The Top Application. That very act alone deserves scrutiny and an investigation, but to date, nothing has been done. Bluntly put, these two pretty much just got away with it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Or it goes to India.

In the same vein, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has grown every year, nearly unchecked. Educrat bloat, bureaucracy and layer upon layer of ‘new positions’ that rationalize other ‘new positions’ has been the result. That growth has a long list of high salaries attached to it as well.

I pulled down the salary information for DPI last Fall and found that 45 people there made more than a base salary of $100,000. ….

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