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Surveys and Common Core Commission Funding

Daily Haymaker has an article up on the coal ash/Common Core commission funding bill, which is SB 14. Haymaker seems a little stressed out that $275k was allotted. I’m not. The commission has to work over the course of a year, handling what in essence is an educational and political hydra.

Haymaker also points out that the bill bans the commission from contracting third parties or services for surveys. That’s section four of the bill.


First things first. This section of the bill is clearly meant to keep the commission from really finding out what the people think as it makes reference to the legislative research committee (LRC). A committee, by the way, which didn’t fulfill it’s task. The financial and legal analyses do not appear to have been done. If they have, they were not made public.

Yeah, that “two hours” of stakeholder opinion? That was 60 people getting to speak for a whole huge 2 minutes.

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#NCGA Bill Filed To Fund Common Core Commission

Senate Bill 14, Acad. Standards/Rules Review/Coal Ash/Funds., was filed at the North Carolina General Assembly and referred to the committee on appropriations/base budget the same day.

The bill handles funding for three separate items, one of them being the Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC).

It has been a battle for the commission to get the funding they need to operate properly and are now approaching their 7th meeting on the 16th of this month.

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