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So Much For The Movie Excuse…

Movies are only riot and murder worthy if they insult Islam.

Antisemitic Iranian Film ‘Saturday Hunter’ Aired By Iranian TV – MEMRI

In November 2011, MEMRI published a report about the Iranian antisemitic film Saturday Hunter, which was first screened at a Tehran film festival and then in Iranian movie theaters, and was posted on the Internet that month. The film’s plot centers around Zionist Rabbi Hanan, an Orthodox Jew who takes it upon himself to teach his grandson Benjamin to create a war machine to destroy all the nations. His little grandson Benjamin becomes the fearless warrior that his grandfather wishes

Another MEMRI report, published in January 2012, noted that the film’s director, Mohammad Qahremani, said of the film that it “portrays the Zionist crimes against the defenseless Palestinian people. It presents the extremist Zionist ideology, which calls for the killing of Palestinians and the plundering of their land, which are deemed a religious duty… [and] the Zionist brainwashing, which is passed down from one generation to another.”[1]

The movie aired in Iran on August 17th, 2012. Clip at the link with transcript. Continue reading

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