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FLASHBACK: It’s Not Rape-Rape (Video)

Liberals like to redefine things to suit their purpose of the moment. Flashback to 2009 via Fire Andrea Mitchell:

Hey, it’s not rape-rape! All is well.

Right now, Liberals and Team Obama are desperately trying to jump on the heads of the GOP over the next social issue: Abortion.

Todd Akin gave them their ‘in’ and they are going to milk it for all it’s worth. Yes, what he said was pretty dumb. Bear in mind if he were a Democrat saying something dumb, that would garner him a Vice President slot. So, to those of you paying attention to the President’s penchant for shiny objects and distractions, promoted so well by his lapdog media — please remind those obsessing over this that unemployment is still 8.3%, gas is still rising and that our debt is headed towards $16 trillion.

Some examples of the “head jumping” were in my inbox this morning. Two emails were waiting for me that took advantage of the Akin abortion comments circus. One was from Sandra Fluke called ” Legitimate Rape”, the text as follows: Continue reading

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FLASHBACK: Cough Drops-The Mandate (The Sandra Fluke Rap)

Remy for the win:


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Fluke That! Continue reading

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Who gives a Fluke? Blog About Obama’s Record.

Enough distractions and manufactured crises. The Obama campaign has been pulling this crap for as long as I can remember. Enough. Let him recycle the failed Sandra Fluke and her creepily pathetic government worship at his stop in Colorado today. I admit, I’ve slapped back at the long list of social crises this administration has set upon the country via their media lapdogs just like every other blogger. Most call them distractions, I call them shiny objects. Not this time. I’m not taking that bait.

I’m invoking the Surber Rule.

Surber Rule: The economy will win the presidency for Republicans in 2012. Republicans should talk about nothing else.

We are not doing just fine. Not by a long shot. Our economy is teetering on the brink of disaster with the taxamageddon around the corner. This President’s answer is – more stimulus. Are you $#%ing kidding me?

Here are a few of the 70 facts Obama would rather you focus on than his manufactured social crises: Continue reading

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Invoking Billie Jean King

The DNC is so upset by the Fluke/Limbaugh circus that they just keep fundraising off it. Not letting their own good manufactured crisis go to waste, they use Billie Jean King to push for the war on women meme. Pay no attention to the stampede of Womyn trampling the First Amendment as they respond to Obama’s dog whistle.

That was a metaphor, liberals. Calm down. Continue reading

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Wherein Liberals Have “Slut” Amnesia

Liberals and Feminists are up in arms that Rush Limbaugh has dared to call Sandra Fluke and the seemingly hugely promiscuous women of Georgetown Law “sluts”.

If the condom fits, ladies…you opened the door on this. Continue reading

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Really Ladies? REALLY?

To the Co-ed law students at Georgetown: I’d suggest examining your priorities. Try studying more and screwing less. I fear for the batch of lawyers they are producing there who can’t seem to pass any bar they walk by. So smart they got into Georgetown law, but not bright enough to make their partners pony up some condoms or to find cheaper and/or free sources. By the way, Sandra Fluke is no ordinary law student there; she’s front and center on purpose. Oh and Pelosi – can the outrage. Continue reading

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