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The Morning Links (5/14/12)

Chart of the Day: Devastating Graph Reveals Obama’s Unemployment Economy
Data Dive: Unemployment Rate Is in Double Digits
More: 250,000 Americans Losing Unemployment Benefits
And in NC: 17,000 North Carolinians to lose extended unemployment benefits
Answer: When you want to avoid talking Obama’s record or the economy at any cost
No love for the troops: Obama to Cut Medical Benefits for Active, Retired Military, Not Union Workers
National banks coming soon: FDIC head outlines strategy for seizing firms
Cooking the books or math error?: Fitch downgrades JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Appeasement… err Change!… Obama Camp Adds Coal to Energy Plan Following Near Upset to Federal Inmate in West Virginia
I’m having Atlas Shrugs flashbacks: GAO reports recoverable Oil in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming ‘About Equal to Entire World’s Proven Oil Reserves’
GREEN FAIL: Canadian firm will receive up to 50 million stimulus dollars for Nevada solar plant that employs two people
HEH: Bill Clinton calls Obama ‘amateur’ president
The 1% go on defense: Facebook co-founder embraces Obama’s fundamental transformation, renounces citizenship ahead of IPO Continue reading

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The Morning Links (3/22/12)

Gas Tweet of the Day: @iowahawkblog: Your daily Chicago gas price chart…
Too Late: Obama to fast-track oil pipeline, other projects
Another Defection: Bundler abandons Obama for Romney over Israel
WH Fail: Dualing Internet Narratives

Green Fail: Copper Mtn Solar, Sempra And Obama’s Insourcing Problem

Where is Corzine?: MF Global’s Collapse Still Hurts Little Guy On Main Street

Budget Reality: Obama’s 6/100 of 1 Percent Solution Continue reading

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The Morning Links (3/19/12)

Must Reads Of The Day:

Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness | The White House
Obama’s Road Is A Wrong Left Turn
What’s With the ‘Emergency Preparedness’ Executive Order President Obama Signed Last Night?

Why does this smack of “Atlas Shrugged”? [Fritzworth]
Blame Bush: Democratic Senators Warn About Use of Patriot Act So that they ignore Obama: Senate Roll Call #230 Details – NDAA VOTE Continue reading

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