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Head of Parent Org To #BlueprintNC: Let’s Bring Civility Back

Virtue Signaling 101:
The head of the parent organization to the rabid leftist attack dog group, Blueprint NC, is calling for the return of civility in a recent Op-Ed. Continue reading

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BluePrint NC Parent Organization Fundraising Off HB 2 – #ncpol

This is not an April  Fool’s Day post. Never let a good manufactured crisis go to waste. Or as BluePrint NC puts it: Cripple, Eviscerate, Pressure, Slam. The NC Justice Center, which is the parent organization for BluePrint NC, is fundraising off … Continue reading

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Rep. Glazier Resigns, Heads to #BlueprintNC’s Parent Organization – #NCGA

Back in June, Rep. Glazier tweeted that he was headed to NC Justice Center.

It took a few months, but seven term NC representative, Democrat Rick Glazier, has resigned as of August 28th.

Gee, just in time to skip out on the budget negotiations. Lucky him.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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#NCGA Rep. Glazier Clueless On Common Core

We’ve got another Common Core “politicizing” alert coming out of another legislators at the NC General Assembly. This time it’s Democrat Rep. Rick Glazier:
“If the bill is really to revoke the standards and replace them with North Carolina standards, that would be extremely destructive and very destabilizing,” said state Rep. Rick Glazier, a Democrat from Fayetteville and a former Cumberland County school board member. “But if all that’s happening is the (GOP) majority is patting the base on the head and just changing the name, then it’s a pretty fraudulent bill that won’t do much harm.”

But that still would be bad, he said, “because it sends a lack-of-stability message through a system that’s already struggling with upheaval.” – FayObserver 5/24/14

Exactly how would it be “extremely destructive and very destabilizing” to remove the fundamentally flawed and experimental standards from our schools, Mr. Glazier? I think Mr. Glazier is listening more to the money from the Chamber of Commerce than he is to the reality about Common Core.

Gene Arnold Common Core NCSPIN Quote

To make a statement like that, it would require that Rep. Glazier is willfully politicizing this topic or that he lacks any real knowledge about Common Core. Tell me, who spoon-fed that talking point to you, because it’s very similar to ones we’ve heard from Rep. Marcus Brandon, Rep.Tricia Cotham and Sen. Josh Stein. Let’s not forget the NC Chamber of Commerce and The Raleigh Chamber either.

Reminder: Senators Stein implies you are racist if you oppose Common Core. Continue reading

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