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Senator Burr, Is The Whiplash a Bug or a Feature?

I’ve got whiplash.

My Senator, Richard Burr, is the one who gave it to me.

First, he tried to be invisible in the HB2 debate.

Then he opened his mouth with a statement that was worse than trying to be invisible.

Burr then turned around and signed off on the Senate letter calling out Obama for his transgender edict in our country’s schools. This appears to be largely symbolic given what Burr says next.

Yes, he’s back opening his mouth again. And it’s even worse.

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Sen. Tillis: ‘HB2 is a state law, not my problem’ – #HB2 #NCSEN

The Obama administration has taken aim at our kids. Under this administrations personal interpretation of Title IX, any child can use any bathroom, locker room, shower or even join any club or team — regardless of their biological sex. It only matters what sex the child ‘identifies as’.

By allowing such access, the door is opened for abuse, assault, rape and exploitation by those who would take advantage of such an open decree. All they have to say are the magic words, “I identify as…”.

A concerned citizen wanted to know why our Senators are not stepping up and standing with their state on HB 2, so they asked one of them.

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Dear Sens. Burr and Tillis, You Are Not Invisible. #HB2 #NCsen

There is a glaring hole in the long string of state leaders and elected officials standing together against the illegal and dangerous Charlotte Ordinance and in support of HB 2.

It’s a Richard Burr and Thom Tillis shaped hole. But’s its worse than just a hole.

Do they think they are invisible? We can see your shoes under the stall door, gentlemen. Continue reading

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Sen. Burr More Interested in “The Voice” Than GOP Debate [UPDATED]

[Updates at the bottom of the article] Yesterday was a tough day for NC’s Senator Burr, who serves as Senate Intel Chair. On December 16th, it was reported that Senator Burr asked his staff to look into statements made by Senator … Continue reading

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NCNAACP Press Release Details Three Pronged Attack

On January 25th, the NC NAACP released a statement detailing a three-pronged line of attack on political targets. These statements were a re-iteration of a speech Reverend Barber made in a church. The statements even says he “spoke at length” on these topics. At what point in the political pot banging, in a church no less, does this 501(c)3 and its activities merit some scrutiny?

The statement reads like an extension of the Blueprint NC attack memo, only with more specific targets. Here are the three bolded attack items below, the details can be read in the full copy of the statement is here. They can be summarized in one sentence: That’s racist. Continue reading

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#Senate2014: In NC – Hagan, Burr and Guns

Gun controls measures lined up for a vote in the Senate this week have split votes from the senators in North Carolina.

Kay Hagan, a Democrat who is up for reelection in 2014, plans to vote for the bill. Hagan repeated claims that she would not support a bill that banned so-called ‘assault’ weapons or high-capacity magazines. Hagan seems to be wanting to have her cake and eat it too by supporting universal background checks with one hand and then opposing magazine and weapons restrictions with the other. Perhaps that split is tied to her past with ‘assault’ weapon style guns going back to her August 25th, 2009 visit to Camp LeJune:

The above picture was found via NC Tea Party. Story to which it was posted can be found here: Call Kay Hagan’s Office Tonight and Tomorrow

On a personal note: I sent a letter to Hagan’s office several weeks ago via my personal email account. It is worth noting, from the obvious form letter reply I received, that Hagan’s words and actions also conflict in her communications with constituents.
On the other side of the aisle

Richard Burr, a Republican who voted yes to cloture on the bill, plans to vote no. Burr cited his opposition to the bill was tied to “Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013” being attached to the Toomey/Manchin bill. Burr also responded to criticism of his vote for cloture, saying that he voted yes in order to allow debate to occur.

A vote could come as early as Thursday on the Toomey/Manchin bill. At the current time, Harry Reid has implied the bill does not have the required votes to pass. Read More: Sens. Burr, Hagan on opposite sides of gun-control bill

A look back to 2009 on Concealed Carry and the NDAA

It’s also worth noting that both Senators voted for the Thune amendment (#1618) to the NDAA (S.1309) in 2009. Summary of the amendment:

To amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to allow citizens who have concealed carry permits from the State in which they reside to carry concealed firearms in another State that grants concealed carry permits, if the individual complies with the laws of the State.

The vote on the amendment was rejected with by a vote of 58-39 with 3 not voting. Hagan’s yes vote was a little more complex, as it appeared she was doing a 180 on her previous position as an NC State Senator. Read more at NCGA: Senate Bill 33 / S.L. 2003-199 (= H131) Continue reading

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NC Senators MIA From Historic Drone Filibuster (Updated)

Last night, Senator Rand Paul filibustered the nomination of John Brennan. It’s not the nomination he was trying to block, that much had to be clear to most people. The Senate is Democrat controlled and cloture is likely inevitable although it will be harder with a 60 vote threshold. Instead of blocking, Paul was attempting to open something. That something is awareness that our government, to date, has yet to openly state for the record they oppose the use of drones against our own citizens on our own soil.

What’s more, this President, a man who has received a Nobel Peace Prize, also refuses to renounce the assassination of US Citizens on their own soil by drone. The President has trotted out mouthpieces to run interference, but it is his own inaction that speak volumes.

Perplexing that Rand Paul has to go through this to ask a Nobel Peace Prize winner whether or not he agrees with killing U.S. citizens.

— David Angell (@djangell) March 6, 2013

Perplexing indeed. What adds to this insanity is the lack of support shown to Senator Paul on the floor last night. Whatever you think of Senator Paul, his politics or filibustering, this was a moment in history and the majority of the Senate missed it.

This was a moment where an elected official stood up and for nearly 13 hours assailed the notion that our own government thinks it has the right to kill its own citizens. It was a chance to enter this disturbing argument into the history books. This question needed addressing and not on the talking head cable news circuit where it would likely be mocked, buried or edited. It needed to be more permanent. Senator Paul recognized this and acted. Think long and hard about that. Continue reading

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