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ICYMI – Dozens of Hispanic Pastors Stood Behind #HB2 Last Week [Video]

Last week, dozens of Hispanic pastors came together to express their support for HB 2. They also spoke about the terror attack in Orlando and condemned it.

“This is Islamic terrorism.”

“We need to wake up.”

Some media actually reported on this press conference. Hateful and disturbing comments were made in the comments sections of several outlets. The worst were arguably found at the News and Observer.

Thank you to Major Dave NC for this video. Continue reading

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PolitifactNC Gets Its ‘First Pants On Fire’ – #ncpol #hb2

Friday evening, the News and Observer’s Will Doran decided a tweet sent out by Lt. Governor Dan Forest was worth doing a fact check on.

Someone’s pants are on fire here, but it’s not the Lt. Governor’s. Continue reading

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#NCGA Bill Reverses Radical Transgender Bathroom Ordinance, Governor Signs It

Yesterday, the North Carolina General Assembly held a special session to address the illegal and radical Charlotte bathroom ordinance.

Get the details on what the ordinance did, what the bill does and why it was crucial to pass it. Continue reading

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ICYMI – Charlotte City Council Voted To Let People Pee Where Ever They Want

In case you missed it, the Charlotte City Council voted 7-4 to allow people to pee basically wherever they want. I captured key tweets from the meeting in this Storify article.

I warned you it was coming, remember.

Oh, and Charlotte City Council’s new “anti-discrimination” ordinance ironically does discriminate. Allow me to explain, keep reading. Continue reading

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Charlotte Officials Push To Let Anyone Pee Where They Want

The city officials for Charlotte are treading on some creepy ground. Last night, while everyone was paying attention to the Iowa Caucuses, Charlotte’s Mayor hosted a “non-discrimination forum”.

What was the forum really about?

Changing public policy in Charlotte to let those who “self-identify” as whatever gender be allowed pee in whatever facilities they want to.

Continue reading

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