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The Morning Links (11/1/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?
Site of the Day: Weasel Zippers
LL 1885′s Picks:


It’s all about showing up, people: 4 Ways To Help
Staying optimistic: Swing State Early Voting Tally
Government Motors: Jen Psaki knew Treasury edited GM press releases
Two lies, One Interview: Obama Also Caught Lying About ‘Abound Solar’ in Last Week’s KUSA Interview with Kyle Clark (Video)
Report: Fast and Furious a ‘deliberate strategy’ by Holder
Obamatax: In Wisconsin, Obamacare to Increase Individual Insurance Premiums by 30%, Says Obama Adviser
Unexpectedly: Black Chicagoans rage against the Obama, the leadership, the machine
In droves: Liberals jump ship and abandon Obama

Hurricane Sandy:

Angry Christie Unloads on Atlantic City Mayor For Ignoring Evacuation Orders
As Hurricane Sandy Bashes the Northeast, Emergency Communications Remain Flawed
Ex-FEMA director Michael Brown criticizes Obama for reacting too quickly to storm Hurricane Sandy: After Landfall
Perils of Pre-Tapes: President Obama Talks iPod on Radio as Hurricane Hits
NO, ROMNEY WOULD NOT ABOLISH FEMA: You’d think they would be playing these gotcha games with more stuff like… Benghazi
Emanuel praises White House on Libya, says Obama ‘took control’
FEMA Directs Hurricane Survivors To Websites
Candidate killed in storm; felled by tree in West Virginia

Must Reads Of The Day: ALL BENGHAZI

Krauthammer SLAMS Obama Over Hurricane Sandy Photo-Op
President Obama Won’t Say if the Intel Community Gave Him Bad Information in Benghazi
Obama Met With Panetta and Biden at WH As Benghazi Terror Attack Unfolded
Is there a Benghazi media coverup?
Why Did We Leave Our People to Die in Benghazi?
David Ignatius: Benghazi questions the administration must answer
Questions for White House Over Benghazi Just Beginning
The Benghazi Coverup: Are Reporters Embarrassed?
The mysterious media Benghazi bugout
What the Media’s Not Talking About When It Talks About Benghazi
Obama Situation Room Photo Op: Yes for Hurricane Sandy, No for Benghazi
The White House Situation Room Photo Album (Video)
FOX Special Report – Benghazi 1
FOX Special Report – Benghazi 2
FOX Special Report – Benghazi 3
FOX Special Report – Benghazi 4
FOX Special Report – Benghazi 5
FOX Special Report – Benghazi 6

Election 2012:

Newspaper endorsements so far: Mitt Romney 112, Obama 84 (2008: Hussein won 296-180 over McCain)
Los Angeles News Group Endorsement: Mitt Romney for president – Press-Telegram
New Hampshire’s Nashua Telegraph Endorses Romney
Chicago Daily Herald backed Obama in 2008 backs Romney in ’12
Lee Iacocca, Hal Sperlich endorse Mitt Romney
Obama’s campaign ends the only way it could: With a video featuring the “Hangover” cast
Claim: Obama campaign website accepted real donation from fake ‘Osama bin Laden’
Wasserman Schultz Involved in Police Altercation Outside Voting Precinct
The Durham Herald-Sun – Election officials urge campaigners to be civil
Gay Republican volunteer invented bias attack
Obama Scum Burn American Flags, Romney Signs on Veteran’s Lawn
Local Media Covering Anti-Romney Vandalism, National Liberal Media Ignore
Is It ‘Revenge of the Soccer Moms?’

Election 2012 Videos

We Can’t Afford 4 more
Crushed By Your Policies
Change At The Pump
General Motors is becoming China Motors
A Message from The Greatest Generation (NSFW)
Axelrod: Will Shave Mustache
Obama’s Second Term Plan: Blame Bush Some More

Foreign Affairs/The Religion of Peace:

Drone Strikes: Map Shows Pakistan Drone Strikes
Al Qaeda leader Rashid Rauf killed in drone strike, family says
Two British soldiers killed in ‘green on blue’ Afghanistan attack
Lawmaker urges feds to monitor Hezbollah in Mexico
Muslims hack French Euromillions site, replace it with Qur’anic verses denouncing gambling
U.S. Supreme Court Bars Further Holy Land Trial Appeals

Wait, what?:

436th Homicide, Chicago Surpasses Last Year’s Total
Obama’s HHS ‘Grooming’ Children for Sex With Tactics Mirroring FBI’s Pedophile Profile
Jessica Ridgeway: 17-year-old Student Arrested in Jessica Ridgeway Murder
USPS Execs Get Illegally High Salaries amid $11.6 Bil Loss
Florida judge denies gag order in Trayvon Martin case
Disney’s $4 billion Lucasfilm deal began with lightsabers in Orlando

The New Tone & New Media:

Leno Pounds Obama on Benghazi-Gate
Special Operations Speaks: Leaks, Lies, Libya…Lack of Leadership (Video)
Facebook Censors Navy SEALs to Protect Obama on Benghazi-Gate
@DanRiehl Update 29 Oct 2012
Sickening: Colorado band DeVotchKa pretends to behead Romney during concert

Laugh or Cry – The Videos of the Day:

[youtube=http://www Continue reading

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Penguin Loses Control Of Gotham

The Penguin has lost control of Gotham.

35,000 kids have not been to school most of this week because the teachers union wanted a 30% increase with no teacher evaluation/accountability language in their contracts:

Teacher evaluations at center of Chicago strike
Almost 40% of Chicago’s Public School Teachers Send their Kids Elsewhere to Learn

These people are teaching 60% the youth of Chicago:


The violence in the streets, mainly on the South side, continues:

12 shot across city this weekend
Chicago warzone update: Day by Day
Chicago Warzone Update: No End In Sight Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: 6 Dead, 30 Wounded in Weekend Violence

The Death Toll In Chicago Is 286

Between Friday and Sunday morning, 6 people were killed and 30 wounded as the violence continues in the Chicago streets according to the Chicago Sun -Times. Most of the wounded were in their teens and early 20’s.

The list of the dead:

Richard Johnson – 22

Derrick Baker – 18

Jason Smith – 28

Taylor Diorio – 17

Alonzo Powell – 18

Anthony Carter – 36

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his sketchy Police Chief, Garry McCarthy, have proven themselves inept in handling the violence in Chicago. Emanuel would rather quibble about chicken sandwich shops, defend Obama’s response to the violence and chat with dangerous racist, anti-Semite homophobes like Farrakhan.

The Feds are now moving in to quell the violence. Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: 3 Dead, 13 YO wounded

The Death Toll In Chicago Is Now 275.
Three more are dead…but by all means, let’s talk about blocking a Chicken restaurant from opening in Chicago because Rahm Emanuel and other useful idiots (and racist) are intolerant Christian values; they aren’t “Chicago Values”. What exactly are “Chicago Values”? Tell me more about the Alderman’s “Chicago Values” and his plans to blackmail Chik-Fil-A? Do those “Chicago Values include teaming up with that homophobic and antisemitic Farrakhan? Flashback: Farrakhan responds to President Obama endorsing gay marriage. (Image) Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: 13 YO Shot In Chest, 8 Others Wounded Overnight

The violence in Chicago continues and even the police are questioning the tactics being used to combat it that Mayor Emanuel and Chief McCarthy praised this past Monday. Detailed reports with links are below.

Mayor Emanuel seems to think he can appeal to gang-bangers ‘values’. Seriously?

Daily Rushbo: (video) Continue reading

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