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Penguin Loses Control Of Gotham

The Penguin has lost control of Gotham.

35,000 kids have not been to school most of this week because the teachers union wanted a 30% increase with no teacher evaluation/accountability language in their contracts:

Teacher evaluations at center of Chicago strike
Almost 40% of Chicago’s Public School Teachers Send their Kids Elsewhere to Learn

These people are teaching 60% the youth of Chicago:


The violence in the streets, mainly on the South side, continues:

12 shot across city this weekend
Chicago warzone update: Day by Day
Chicago Warzone Update: No End In Sight Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: 6 Dead, 30 Wounded in Weekend Violence

The Death Toll In Chicago Is 286

Between Friday and Sunday morning, 6 people were killed and 30 wounded as the violence continues in the Chicago streets according to the Chicago Sun -Times. Most of the wounded were in their teens and early 20’s.

The list of the dead:

Richard Johnson – 22

Derrick Baker – 18

Jason Smith – 28

Taylor Diorio – 17

Alonzo Powell – 18

Anthony Carter – 36

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his sketchy Police Chief, Garry McCarthy, have proven themselves inept in handling the violence in Chicago. Emanuel would rather quibble about chicken sandwich shops, defend Obama’s response to the violence and chat with dangerous racist, anti-Semite homophobes like Farrakhan.

The Feds are now moving in to quell the violence. Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: 3 Dead, 13 YO wounded

The Death Toll In Chicago Is Now 275.
Three more are dead…but by all means, let’s talk about blocking a Chicken restaurant from opening in Chicago because Rahm Emanuel and other useful idiots (and racist) are intolerant Christian values; they aren’t “Chicago Values”. What exactly are “Chicago Values”? Tell me more about the Alderman’s “Chicago Values” and his plans to blackmail Chik-Fil-A? Do those “Chicago Values include teaming up with that homophobic and antisemitic Farrakhan? Flashback: Farrakhan responds to President Obama endorsing gay marriage. (Image) Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: 13 YO Shot In Chest, 8 Others Wounded Overnight

The violence in Chicago continues and even the police are questioning the tactics being used to combat it that Mayor Emanuel and Chief McCarthy praised this past Monday. Detailed reports with links are below.

Mayor Emanuel seems to think he can appeal to gang-bangers ‘values’. Seriously?

Daily Rushbo: (video) Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: 15 People Shot

The violence in Chicago continues beyond the weekend with another round of shootings that have injured at least 15 people, including a 10 year-old girl. Two are in serious to critical condition. Details on the shootings with links are near the bottom of this column.

The death toll for 2012 in Chicago stands at 254 with scores wounded. The cost of life is dear but the cost in dollars is running the city about $5.3 billion annually according to a study put out by the Center for American Progress. Continue reading

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