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#DM7 Article: What does your higher education dollar buy these days?

This is a reposting of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column: What does your higher education dollar buy these days? Continue reading

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A Thirteen Year Old’s Pesky Logic…

I have a story to tell that it is an ugly truth and a part of my life that I choose to ignore for much of my adolescence. However, given the nature of conversation in today’s media, I felt it was time I told it. I will leave it up to the reader to decide what the logical conclusion must be in the end. Continue reading

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#Ricin Letters Update: Shannon Guess Ordered To Undergo Psych Eval

Catwoman gets to see a shrink.

TEXARKANA, Texas (AP) — A federal judge Thursday ordered a psychological exam for the Texas woman accused of sending ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in an attempt to frame her estranged husband.

Shannon Richardson’s court-appointed attorney, Tonda Curry, requested the exam, saying Richardson, 35, had displayed “a pattern of behavior” that raised the question about whether she could assist in her defense. Curry’s wrote in a motion that her belief was based on a series of conversations with Richardson, who has been jailed since her June 7 arrest on a charge of sending a threatening communication to the president.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Caroline Craven’s ruling means Richardson, who is six months pregnant, will be evaluated at a medical facility within the federal Bureau of Prisons, possibly within the next 30 days, to determine whether she can assist in her defense.


She claimed her husband was a racist:

“He told them we filed [for divorce], but we haven’t yet. But after all this, I will be soon,” said Shannon Guess. She added that her soon to be ex-husband is “racist and hates Obama.” – IB Times

Looks like she might have been projecting. After all, if you disagree or threaten Obama in any way, the media deems you a racist. Funny how they are so silent on this but instead focused on Democrat Paula Deen? Continue reading

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Hey DOJ – Do Your Job!

Where Is The DOJ On The New Black Panthers ‘$10k Bounty’?

In Obama’s America, you can put a bounty on the head of a citizen and not be touched apparently. Continue reading

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Raleigh NAACP & Occupy Jump On Trayvon Martin Bandwagon

Even as more is coming out on this story that conflicts with the original narrative the mainstream media tried to sell us, the “rallies” keep popping up.

WRAL is not reporting anything about John Edwards and the Madam/Prostitution ring story that broke late last week, but they are running with a story on Trayvon Martin. I noticed that WRAL is using the same old picture of Trayvon Martin with the story instead of the updated ones circulating. The article features NC’s own NAACP useful idiot, Reverend Barber, and a mention of Occupy Raleigh’s candle lit vigil for Martin. Continue reading

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