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Progress NC Continues Politically Motivated Propaganda Push – #NCED

Progress NC, the far left activist group and partner of Blueprint NC, is still pushing politically motivated and hyperbolic rhetoric when it comes to NC education.

This is the same stuff we saw back in 2013.


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#DM7: What You Think You Know

This is a reposting of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column, What You Think You Know.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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The 2016 PR Campaigns To Rehab Common Core Begin

The PR campaigns to rehab Common Core before 2016 have begun. Having said that,
this is the most hilarious, talking point laden puff piece I’ve seen in a while:

Former Romney spokesman: Common Core popular in many quarters

The thrust of this article repeats the biggest talking point out there, that Common Core allows for ‘local control’. What’s more that McCoy’s assertion of ‘local control’ is somehow tied to how ‘popular’ Common Core is. We’ll get to the latter of that, first let’s talk ‘local control’.

Was Mr. McCoy intending to insult the intelligence of the reader?

To say that Common Core is about local control of any kind is to tell a whopper. Continue reading

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Obamacare Enrollment Success? Take a closer look

The highly controversial Affordable Care Act made it’s debut Tuesday, October 1st in a not-so-desirable fashion.
The enrollment has been riddled with wait times that make the DMV look like a fast food drive-thru and log in problems so severe that the majority of those trying to access the site just give up. Continue reading

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