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Obama’s First Presser: Come at me, Bro. (Updated)

I watched some of the Emperor at his first press conference after the re-election donning his latest new clothes, which looked like his old clothes. Pretty sure he dyed his grey hair out. Gotta look like the tough guy in chief now.

Favorite spit-take inducing line:

“I hope and intend to be an even better president than I was in the first term.”

“Even better” – Wow. Can’t wait.

Video here.

Press conference, shorter:

Fiscal Cliff: I want it all my way. I want it to be big and I will soak the rich for every penny I can get out of them. A lot of fluffy talk about tax reform and he even said “entitlements”. This portion could have been ANY speech he’s given in the last four years.

Benghazi: Come at me, Bro. I’ll lie and stonewall just like Fast and Furious. Look what I did to Petraeus. I’m gonna fake some indignation here and make some threats. Oh and Leave Hillary and Rice alone, they’re just women folk who need defending. How dare any of you suggest Rice wouldn’t be a great replacement for Hillary? Rice is just as good, if not better at lying than Hillary is. Rice was just doing what I told her to, how dare you “besmirch” her reputation. Oh Sorry, she only went on multiple shows for over a week touting a giant lie.

Wasn’t that special?

Note: Make sure you hit the 31:45ish mark and watch the NON-ANSWER on who gave the order or lack thereof in Benghazi.Make sure you hit

From me to Mr. President — The election is over. We didn’t need another campaign speech today, but we expected it and were not disappointed.

From me to the Legacy Media – My six year old asks harder questions. Fail. Continue reading

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