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Post-Election Thoughts – Part 2

Yesterday was rough. There were friends who voted for Obama who remained rather silent from commentary. Then there were those on Twitter and Facebook — ones where the concept of ‘winning gracefully’ has never entered their mind. Needless to say, … Continue reading

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Post-Election Thoughts – Part 1 of ?

There will be a ton of post-mortems out there in the coming weeks and months. I want to put it out there right now that I have little complaint with the campaign Romney ran. It was a gentleman’s campaign, which should have carried more weight than it did however in an increasingly identity politics driven society, it failed to gain said weight. Last night, Atlas shrugged a shoulder.

This posts and subsequent themed posts are my way of working through the re-election of a man who is arguably one of the worst Presidents we’ve ever had. His record spoke for itself and this nation is divided; one only has to look at the popular vote tally to recognize that. Now that I have slept on it, I see last night as a bit of a wash. Matt Welch at ReasonTV closely hits on what I mean by that in terms of the House. Mr. Liberty and I talked a bit last night and we agree – the next two years will be like the last two years and we will see another 2010 election in 2014. Here’s Welch’s comments:


In 2008, I was not yet blogging. I did, however, email a sort of list of predictions to myself the night Obama was elected. Quite a few of them came true in some fashion. In fact, most of them did. This list I am posting is by no means complete, but is what I came up with off the top of my head in free-flow writing. Let me state that neither now nor in 2008 did I actively WANT the President to fail. If he fails, we fail. Given the last four years, I do not see how it is possible he won’t fail again. The man is an economic illiterate and he is surrounded by ‘Yes’ men – by choice. Anyway, here is my list for Obama’s second term: Continue reading

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The Morning Links (11/7/12) – Taking A Break.

Dear Readers,

I’ve provided morning news links and stories for over two years now. I will be taking a break, indefinitely, from doing the Morning Links. My last story post was a running blog on the election last night. You can read it here.

Last night, Barack Obama was re-elected. I’ve fought the good fight day in and day out against media bias and this administration’s attempts to fundamentally transform this nation. That fight was lost last night – temporarily. I’d be lying if I said I was any less than feeling lost and rather scared right now. I do not think I am alone. Having said that, we have an opportunity in two years to reclaim the Senate. There is still Obamacare to deal with and Benghazi is not going away, even though the administration and the media loyal to it will do everything in their power to quash it.

My job here blogging has been one of inspiration, courage and attempting to revive the core of what this nation was founded on. I believe that core is still there, however many in this nation are still unable to see the past for years for the failure they have been. Perhaps in the next four, more eyes will be opened. In the meantime, I would encourage everyone to take stock of their personal lives – everything from finances to personal and home protection. We saw what this President was capable of in the first four years and now he has nothing to stop him in the next four. May God have mercy on this nation.

I credit Governor Romney with presenting a campaign any candidate could be proud of. He ran it on the issues and not petty, divisive tactics and personal attacks. He should know that I still believe and that my eyes are still clear and my heart is still full. God bless him.

I will be taking a break from LL1885 for a while. There are personal considerations at work here that are unrelated to the turn of political events. My children have always been my prime concern and chief job — I am first and foremost a mom and wife. My duties there must be fulfilled first. I also have fiction writing that I have neglected over the last three years that I will be turning my attentions to as well. I hope my readers will embrace those efforts as much as they have this blog. I am not abandoning LL1885 and will still post on occasion. I thank everyone who has followed me thus far from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled by your attentions and honored you hold the opinions here in good esteem.

Anyone wishing to reach me can email me at ladyliberty1885@live.com

God bless,

LL1885 Continue reading

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