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ZOMG! #SB480 Is Eeeeevil!

I’ve written many times before about the rising levels of politicking going on in our public schools. I’ve witnessed it first-hand when my son brought home a protest flier in his homework folder.

SB 480 seeks to end such politicking in our schools and bring education officials and teachers into alignment with the laws other state employees already have to follow.

The imagined example of SB 480 in action is in a blog post ‘Women Advance’ written by Melissa Geil; It is pure fiction with the intent of stirring up hysteria.

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Former NCAE General Counsel Thinks #SB480 Is Unfair

Over at PR outfit, EducationNC, a former General Counsel for the NCAE thinks that HB480 is unfair. The article, penned by Ann McColl, is titled, The General Assembly has a blind spot on Advocacy.

Advocacy, eh? Semantic substitution for ‘politicking’?

The main thrust of the article seems to be that it isn’t fair that education officials and employees should have to follow the same rules as other state employees. Therefore, Senate Bill 480 is eeeeevil.

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#SB480 Would Block Politicking In Schools. NCAE and Progress NC’s ‘AimHigher’ Hardest Hit?

Senate bill 480 seeks to limit the political activity of school officials, administrators and teachers on school campuses.

News and Record hilariously quotes ‘just a Spanish teacher’ Todd Warren and omits his occupying, socialism, Moral Monday arrest and involvement with the NCAE’s protest arm, Organize 2020.

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Politicking In Our Schools: Olde Providence Elementary

I’ve written about Olde Providence and their penchant for politicking using school resources before and they are doing it again.
This time it is in an email blast which went out to parents on the 30th. See below.

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Politicking In Buncombe County Schools

Those following this blog know I’ve written about multiple instances of politicking in North Carolina involving our schools. The latest instance comes from Buncombe county. USA Today is running a story about the misuse of school email for political purposes there.


ASHEVILLE – A Buncombe County school employee who reportedly forwarded an email to fellow employees asking them to vote for school board candidate Cindy McMahon “exceeded the reasonable use of email” by a school employee, according to a school system spokesman.

School board member Lisa Baldwin, who is running against McMahon, sent the email to the Citizen-Times on Friday.

The email appears to have originated from former school system employee Carmen Murray, using a Gmail account. Murray sent the email to two employees at Sand Hill-Venable Elementary School. In the email, she encouraged employees to vote for McMahon. “We simply must remove Lisa Baldwin from our school board immediately,” the email read.

USA Today doesn’t publish said email, but I will.


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