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FOX / WSJ GOP SC Presidential Debate (1/16/12)

FOX News / WSJ PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE RUNDOWN I managed to catch most of the debate, however missed the opening 20 minutes. I was watching #1 Syracuse dispatch Pittsburgh and remain undefeated at 20-0. Priorities, people, priorities! The Full Video: Fox … Continue reading

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ABC/YAHOO GOP Presidential Debate (1/7/12)

Mitt was barely challenged at all and came out the winner but Newt and his big brain were snapping at his heels. Ron Paul got pounded from all sides – successfully. My gut tells me Paul will take his toys and go home by pulling a Perot after SC. Santorum was solid and steady; seemed less angry and more focused. Perry did a really good imitation of a mute for the majority of it. Having said that, Perry’s responses he did give were pretty darn good. This was his best debate yet. Huntsman arched his eyebrow a lot. Continue reading

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FOX Sioux City Iowa Debate (12/15/11)

FOX Sioux City Iowa Debate (12/15/11) This is a rundown of links, video and a little of the Lady’s Take of the FOX GOP debate held on December 15, 2011. Full Video is HERE and here: The Lady’s Take: Preface: I … Continue reading

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Border Reality

In the most recent debate, the issues related to the of securing the border we share with Mexico became heated between Rick Perry and the other candidates.  Perry maintained his prior assertion that a border fence was “Nonsense” during questions … Continue reading

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