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Really Ladies? REALLY?

To the Co-ed law students at Georgetown: I’d suggest examining your priorities. Try studying more and screwing less. I fear for the batch of lawyers they are producing there who can’t seem to pass any bar they walk by. So smart they got into Georgetown law, but not bright enough to make their partners pony up some condoms or to find cheaper and/or free sources. By the way, Sandra Fluke is no ordinary law student there; she’s front and center on purpose. Oh and Pelosi – can the outrage. Continue reading

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Stop Colbert! Obama? Meh Not So Much.

Pelosi has done a fine job being Colbert’s stooge in lampooning her own boss. The timing of the release of this is priceless — and by Pelosi herself. Epic.    

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Say What?

Attention Readers of LL1885: The monthly column formerly known as They Said What?! has been revamped and renamed to Say What? Thank you for your attention. You may now return to your regularly scheduled LOL’s. SAY WHAT??? Brace yourself, people. … Continue reading

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The Morning Links (11/15)

BREAKING: Occupy Wall Street evicted from Zuccotti Park in overnight raid.
Just Like the Tea Party… 3 #Occupy Portland Protesters Arrested With Homemade Grenades. More with mug shot goodness here. Continue reading

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