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NC House Rep. Corrects Hagan, #NCDems Math

NC House Rep. Paul Stam corrects Kay Hagan’s misleading ads and the NC Democratic party’s bad math. See below. Continue reading

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HS Chamber Event Misinforms On Common Core

On August 1st, I wrote about an event centering on education being put on by the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce. It was for Chamber members only and was sponsored by WHIZard Academy. It’s worth reading the Holly Springs Chamber plan.

At this event, Rep. Paul Stam and school board member Susan Evans were present as were Area Superintendent Lloyd Gardener and Assistant Superintendent of Facilities Joe Desormeaux.

The topics were Common Core and School caps. Not one person on the stage, save Rep. Stam, offered the close to the truth on Common Core but instead offered regurgitated talking points.

Video was taken and can be accessed here.

Here are some of my notes Continue reading

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