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How Does a Patriot Hacker Tell Time? Check this out!

Hacktivists are an interesting brand.  They have websites, personal logo’s, unique followers, and are scattered across many social media platforms.  Some use their skills for nefarious reasons, however, a select few go after those hell bent on doing harm.  They’re … Continue reading

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Great Moments In #FORWARD

Just when you think Obama can’t stoop any lower, he does. Well, of course he does! He’s very flexible after all that bowing, you know. (Image) Continue reading

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They Walk Among Us

One of my Facebook Page users posted that video with a plea, “Lady Liberty, I’m crying for our country’s future! There’s no quick fix but could you blog us some solid hope here?” My answer was “Yes, I can do … Continue reading

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Ten Years Later – A Continuing Tribute; The Lady’s Story

I think I’ve avoided putting it into written words for a number of reasons – most of which are in a vein of mental self-defense. I’ve decided that today is the day, however, to finally let some of those defenses down.  This is my story. Continue reading

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