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Occupy 2.0: Santa Fe Edition

Santa Fe, New Mexico is what some would call the “Jewel of the Southwest” culture. It boasts some of the best art galleries, restaurants, and historical sites dating back some 300 years. However, over the past couple decades its culture changed from historic “Old Town” allure to the more “Aspen like resort” washing itself with a liberal vibe and a massive influx of money that ultimately has changed its landscape. Its highlights are the homes of some of the elite of Hollywood and recently was voted the 5th most Snobby city in the nation, San Fransisco being number one.

The northern city in the “Land of Enchantment” also has another notch it can count on its belt. The posh, southwestern cultural Santa Fe has its own Occupy group. This encampment began out of solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and, as with all the off shoots of the original OWS, Occupy Santa Fe protested big banks, big oil, and big money. Occupy Santa Fe think that Bradley manning is a Hero to the cause, Monsanto will destroy the world and anything with the word Nuclear is evil. Like Occupy Wall Street, they also protested on the raising the minimum wage in the city. Continue reading

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