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Teacher Omar Currie Just Doesn’t Get That Controversy Isn’t About HIM (Video)

In my inbox over the weekend was a video of an interview between Efland Cheeks Elementary teacher, Omar Currie, and a NewsMax reporter.

Currie manages to make it mostly about him being a victim… of his own activism. Continue reading

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Has Our Education System Become The Post Office?

Over the last few years, I’ve taken note of a trend in our public education system. That trend mimics the federal government on a number of levels. These levels include, but are not limited to: Disintegrating transparency; not just at … Continue reading

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Another NC Reading Assignment Questioned

Former Buncombe School board member, Lisa Baldwin, recently raised an issue with school staff at her child’s high school.

The reading assignment was the book, The Kite Runner, and was given to her child in their 10th grade Honors English class.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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