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NC Longitudinal Database Committee Quietly Dissolved and Replaced

A committee formed to bring oversight to the statewide longitudinal database system (SLDS) in North Carolina was recently dissolved.

An August 8th letter from the board’s chair, Keith Werner, called for the dissolution of the board, “per Session law 2016-94 ( Appropriations Act 2016)”. Werner is also the Chief Information Officer of the NC’s Information Technology division. Continue reading

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Parents, Are You Keeping Tabs on #HB401?

Last year, I wrote two articles on HB 401, Authorize Data Sharing for NCLDS, which seeks to increase student data collection and the sharing of that data with multiple North Carolina government entities.

Consider this article reminder. Continue reading

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KEA Pilot Cost: $511,360

The Kindergarten Entry Assessment pilot conducted in half of North Carolina’s elementary schools in the 2014-15 school year apparently cost $511,360.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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#HB401 Seeks To Increase Data Collection, Access to Student Information

In an age where data and identities are routinely stolen and parents worry about their child’s information being passed around online, legislatures should be looking to lessen data collection and sharing, not expand it.

Yesterday, HB 401 was filed at the North Carolina General Assembly. This bill has some rather unsettling aspects to it with regard to access and collection of student data. Continue reading

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