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NC Governor’s Video Has Your Spit-take Of The Week

Governor McCrory is clearly getting on the campaign horse as evidenced by this touchy-feely video on education. Near the end of the video, McCrory makes the following statement:

“The biggest piece of feedback that I hear from teachers is, ‘they’re not letting us teach anymore. We’re just giving tests.’. We’re gonna.. we’re gonna end this duplication of testing. Which neither helps the students nor allows the teacher to teach.”

Yeah.. right.

The Opt Out or iRefuse movement is starting in North Carolina. To me, this seems like a move to get out in front of the protests and make it look like a parade instead.

Parents, check out the testing calendar for North Carolina.
I live in Wake County, so here is that calendar. Mind you, I’ve already written about the 95 some-odd assessments and tests given to third graders in our county. See the bottom half of this article for more on those 95 assessments.

So, if testing is allegedly going to be whittled down, then why is North Carolina still a member of the Common Core high stakes testing consortium known as the SBAC?

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NC Governor Rebrand On WWNC (AUDIO)

On August 28th, Governor McCrory went on the air with Pete Kaliner of WWNC. The audio has been posted online and folks should take time to hear what he said about Common Core and the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC). Reminder: Governor McCrory already tipped his hand on Operation Rebrand.

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#DM7 Article: The NC Common Core Rebrand Attempt

This is a reposting of my weekly DaTechGuy article: The NC Common Core Rebrand Attempt

By A.P. Dillon

The repeal of Common Core from the North Carolina state statutes and the formation of a standards replacement commission as set out by Senate Bill 812 brought hope to the citizens who had been fighting Common Core. That hope was not without skepticism of a possible rebrand attempt, which has turned out to be justified by the comments made recently by North Carolina’s State Superintendent and Governor. Continue reading

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