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Local OH PTA: Money Didn’t Play Into Common Core Support

Money drives the Common Core. Money spent on it and money to be made from it. Gates has dropped over $2.6 million into the National PTA. So when a local PTA official in Ohio said the following, I chuckled and shook my head:

During the legislature’s Common Core hearings, Rep. Andy Thompson, R-Marietta, the sponsor of the bill to eliminate the standards, has pressed several pro-Common Core witnesses about their affiliations, influences and funding — focusing particularly on whether money came from the Gates Foundation.

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Chamber Watch: Dayton Area Chamber Of Commerce

Chamber Watch: Keeping an eye on the Chambers of Commerce Core

Today’s Article: Ohio GOP allies back the Common Core
Sub-headline: “Businesses say they need to be sure they’re getting workers with strong academic training”

Note: there is audio embedded in Today’s Article.


Business and education groups will be in Columbus this week to defend the state’s Common Core curriculum in Statehouse hearings. H.B. 597 would repeal the K through 12 education standards….

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#Shutuppery Attempt In Ohio

Ann Althouse has an article up about a an amicus brief filed in Ohio which has the net effect of trying to silence public discourse with regards to politicians. The brief was filed by Cato Institute and P.J. O’Rourke. This is a clear attempt at Shutuppery via lawfare. Continue reading

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53 minutes I’ll never get back

53ish Minutes In Ohio And nothing new That was some ‘major’ economic speech Obama gave in Ohio today. Pardon me while I fight back a yawn. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be recycled. … Continue reading

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