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Occupy’s Day of Meh Anniversary

The LA -we-won’t-release-the-Rashid-Khalidi-Tape Times is still pondering wistfully about what Occupy means a year later. Here’s a hint for a starting point – more ‘free’ stuff paid for by (or just taken from) you and me.

That’s right…Occupy’s anniversary is upon us. You remember the Day of Rage, which turned out to be the Day of Meh really, highlighted with bongo playing, yoga and whatnot? I’ve chronicled how the ‘movement’ digressed at lightening speed from there.

Well, it’s their anniversary. Not sure what to get them really. A new cop car to crap on? A tent to play rape the occupier in – oh wait, now they prefer elevated parks? Some kids they can flash? Maybe some new rocks to throw through some law biding business person’s windows? I know, new bottle for their molotov cocktail parties!

O.K., O.K. — All snark aside, here. With the unrest in the Middle East courtesy of Obama’s “smart diplomacy” (no, not courtesy of a really low budget anti-Islam film – if you’re daft enough to believe that was the reason, God help you .. and US), we have our own potential rioters to contend with. They have an anniversary to celebrate and here’s Occupy’s playbook, complete with maps and target lists. The Occupiers clearly intend to take Foley Square and re-occupy it. Good luck with that. Continue reading

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