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Religious Freedom for Burma but not for America

Instead of handling the Fiscal Cliff or overseeing the FEMA’s slow movements in assisting hurricane Sandy victims, President Obama took off for Southeast Asia. There, he gave this speech in Burma; he prefers the military related name of Myanmar. I encourage you to read the whole thing, however don’t be drinking anything when you do because you will surely choke.

Here is the excerpt I wish to share, via History Musings:

And this truth leads me to the third freedom that I want to discuss: the freedom to worship — the freedom to worship as you please, and your right to basic human dignity.

This country, like my own country, is blessed with diversity. Not everybody looks the same. Not everybody comes from the same region. Not everybody worships in the same way. In your cities and towns, there are pagodas and temples, and mosques and churches standing side by side. Well over a hundred ethnic groups have been a part of your story. Yet within these borders, we’ve seen some of the world’s longest running insurgencies, which have cost countless lives, and torn families and communities apart, and stood in the way of development.

Freedom to worship as you please.

Tell that to Hobby Lobby, Mr. President. Tell that to the Catholic church. Tell that to the rest of the tax payers who will now be forced to fund abortion, contraception and the morning after pill and who are seeing their premiums soar.

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The Morning Links (7/30/12)

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The Morning Links (7/26/12)

Site of the Day: Free Beacon

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You caused that: Coal companies announce layoffs, blame Obama administration
Green Scam Loans Part II: Obama Admin Announces New Solar Energy Projects
Here we go again: Justice Department opens investigation into Pennsylvania voter ID law
Testimony: U.S. general blocked investigation into Afghan hospital abuse due to 2010 election
DHS: Deportation proposal could cost $585 million
Here come more bailout requests: Dodd-Frank expands ‘Too big to fail’
Flashback: John McCain goes on Al-Jazeera, promotes the Muslim Brotherhood’s cause
Chicago Warzone Update: Mother of 3 dies from wounds
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