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What Polls Don’t Show You (Video)

I’ve said for a while that the Polls don’t show you the people like this:

These are the Democrats and Independents who will quietly stay home in November. These people are not likely to admit they won’t vote for Obama in a poll, but Obama knows they are there – and growing. So does the media. The MSM is latching onto anything and everything they can, blowing it up and desperately trying to attach it to Romney/Ryan. Team Obama and his lapdog media have to try to stop the hemorrhaging. It’s a good bet that the Soptic Ad wasn’t as low as they can go. Continue reading

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Possibly The Worst Impromptu Presser Ever

I just put out an article this morning mocking President Obama’s latest favorite choice of interviewers and media outlets and who should step in front of the White House press corps this afternoon – after 8 weeks of hiding? Yeah. Him.

Boy. Wow. I mean, whew… did Obama BLOW IT. I’m sure he doesn’t think he blew it, but yeah, he really did. He dropped more major lie bombs in that one presser than he has in perhaps the last six months. I am sure we won’t be seeing his shadow in the press room again for another 8 weeks.

Here’s the quick recap of the carnage: Continue reading

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Great Moments In FORWARD: Avoiding The WH Press Corps.

Perhaps Team Obama saw the report on the decline of News outlet credibility and are tailoring their press engagements around that, or it could be Team Obama realizes people have woken up and are acknowledging that the media is in the tank for him. Probably a bit of both.

I can hardly wait for President Kardashian to cue up another interview with The View or try out his hand with Perez Hilton next. At any rate, from the cover, it looks like Newsweek won’t be getting an interview anytime soon. Continue reading

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