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Great Moments In FORWARD: Avoiding The WH Press Corps.

Perhaps Team Obama saw the report on the decline of News outlet credibility and are tailoring their press engagements around that, or it could be Team Obama realizes people have woken up and are acknowledging that the media is in the tank for him. Probably a bit of both.

I can hardly wait for President Kardashian to cue up another interview with The View or try out his hand with Perez Hilton next. At any rate, from the cover, it looks like Newsweek won’t be getting an interview anytime soon. Continue reading

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Small Businesses & The Obama/Biden Campaign

Small businesses across the country are not pleased with the Obama/Biden campaign. One can hardly blame them. Obama’s “you didn’t build that” statement is not going away.
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Over at NiceDeb, I found this cartoon by Ramirez from Investors Business Daily:


That cartoon is spot on. Nice find Deb! She also has the RNC ad on the same topic titled “Achievement”. Also, see this video of Paul Ryan talking about the $716 billion.

Fact: Obama did raid Medicare to the tune of $716 Billion to pay for his precious nation killing tax commonly known as Obamacare. This is Obama’s M.O. — stealing from one program to pay for another; just like he short-changed Social Security and raided food stamps for his wife’s program “Let’s Move”.

The Left will fight that fact and outright lie about it, just like Juan Williams tried to, but Charles Krauthammer didn’t let him get away with it:

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Obama’s Alinsky Tactics Boomerang Again

The Obama campaign is imploding. Obama’s love of using distractions to shield himself from attacks on his pathetic record is crumbling. The public sees it and so does the Romney team. The Romney campaign is wise to the Alinsky style tactics of this President and isn’t taking the bait, but instead allowing said attacks to boomerang back to Team Obama.

Case in point: The latest Obama charge against Romney. Team Obama claims Romney is growing “unhinged”. Really? Unhinged and Romney in the same sentence sincerely made me laugh. Romney has been anything but unhinged. In fact, proponents of Romney have been clamoring for him to get tougher and strike harder.

To his credit, Romney has remained calmly on the high road and stayed steady in his message. Team Obama by comparison has flailed, lied and sported thunderous rhetoric filled tantrums speeches in campaign stops. Put the Team Obama from 2008 next to Team Obama from 2012 and it is very clear who the unhinged candidate is today.

What happened to the “Hope and Change”?
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FLASHBACK: Cough Drops-The Mandate (The Sandra Fluke Rap)

Remy for the win:


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