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App on Student Devices used to store Inappropriate Photos from NC Teacher

The push for more technology in the classroom and the idea of one device for every student is all the rage in Education circles right now. One-term NC Governor Bev Perdue has her sticky fingers all over it.

Want to hide inappropriate images your teacher sent you? There’s an app for that. Continue reading

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USA TODAY Report Gives NC an “F” in Screening Teachers

On February 13th, USA Today posted a lengthy article titled, NC fails in screening for problem teachers.

I read it. All of it. I also watched the embedded videos. It’s horrifying for a laundry list of failure to protect our children.

Let me say that I was not in the least bit surprised about what USA Today found about teachers slipping through the system.

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The First Rule About WCPSS Fight Club Is….

“Video showing a male student knocking out another on Apex High School’s campus is taking off on Twitter, less than 24 hours after the fight happened.”

Just what fresh Hell is this?? It’s like we’ve got a version of Fight Club going on right here in Wake County Public Schools.

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#NotAHomeSchool: Leesville High Art Teacher Arrested For Harassing Phone Calls

A little birdie flew in and told me that one ‘Linda Stevens’ should be added to NC Plott Hound’s Not A Homeschool collection: Continue reading

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