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NC Budget Signed By McCrory

The North Carolina $21 billion dollar budget has been signed by Governor McCrory.
Of note — The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is getting a much needed budget haircut to the tune of 10%. GOOD. The bloat and spending at DPI has gone unchecked for years. More Education related highlights via My Fox 8: Continue reading

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NC Budget Deal, Occupy Monday and Hagan

Well, if you haven’t read Pete Kaliner’s write up about the NC General Assembly’s budget deal, you should. He nailed it.

Nailed it. #ncpol #ncga MT @PeteKaliner: #NCGA budget deal – Moral Mondayers hardest hit http://t.co/sMLGIwJd7M

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) July 30, 2014

Much of Occupy Monday’s complaints have been based on driving a select few narratives. One of the big ones, teacher pay, was just busted. Wonder how this will impact former Kay Hagan staffer Chris Sgro’s activism with very Left leaning Equality North Carolina and in his support of Occupy Monday?

Shocker, former Hagan staffer is all about Far Left Moral Monday. http://t.co/szfp3A4WI4 #ncsen @ThomTillis — LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) July 30, 2014
Reminder: “Due to the political nature of our work, contributions to Equality NC are not tax-deductible.”

Flashback – it’s like Equality NC knew before Cooper did he wouldn’t defend North Carolina’s marriage amendment: Continue reading

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