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About That ‘Dox’ Attempt…

For those of you just tuning in, there was a failed dox attempt on me by a group calling themselves the #NCBlondes or at times #Nonblondes. They fancy themselves as a Democratic candidate recruiting team who frequent the #NCGA and #NCPOL hashtags. Continue reading

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Occupy 2.0: Chicago ALEC Protests Have Moral Monday Ties

In Chicago, a smaller ALEC protest at the Palmer House Hilton that took place on the 5th was ramped up into a full-on Occupy style event on the 8th. Both sets of protests ended with a handful of arrests, but the more recent event that took place on the 8th included scuffles with police.

These protests have ties to Raleigh’s Moral Monday and Democrat activists in the area. Continue reading

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