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Pearson Is Everywhere: PARCC Contract Stays Alive In New Mexico

Welcome back to Pearson is Everywhere.

Today, we have an update on the lawsuit filed by American Institutes for Research (AIR) against New Mexico that claimed there was bid rigging involved with the award of the Common Core testing contract to Pearson. Continue reading

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Son of New Mexico State Democrat Charged In Drive-By Shooting

The son of New Mexico state legislator, Democrat Stephanie Maez, has been charged in a drive-by shooting. Continue reading

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Pearson Is Everywhere: New Mexico Bid-Rigging Lawsuit Is Still On

Welcome back to Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time, we looked at Pearson’s spying on students on Social Media and how Colorado is trying to protect ‘student data privacy’ in Colorado — from groups like Pearson.

Today, we’re reminded by Truth In American Education that the bid-rigging lawsuit filed in New Mexico is still going on.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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