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Tea Party Zombie Game

I saw this article over at Gateway Pundit:  New Tone… Liberals Create New Online Game Where Tea Partiers Are Murdered ….Update: The Game’s Creators Work For NASCAR | The Gateway Pundit. I naturally was disgusted with it but unsurprised since … Continue reading

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Olbermann & Markos Moulitsas: The Moron Twins

I saw this article at The Blaze – Olbermann Markos Moulitsas: Republicans 3,000 Deaths on 9/11 as ‘Political Opportunity’ | Video | TheBlaze.com and just had to comment. This entire thing is offensive on several levels and you know I … Continue reading

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The Morning Links (8/4)

These are the Morning Links for August 4, 2011     The Lady’s Picks: Chinese Govt Downgrades US Debt.  We had a debt deal in place but it’s fooling no one. No real cuts are in it, just slow downs which as … Continue reading

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Dear HBO – Fire Maher.

Fed up with reading about Bill Maher and his repulsive brand of ‘political commentary and comedy’? Personally I am tired of my ears bleeding every time he opens his vile and juvenile mouth. Frankly, HBO really screwed the pooch getting … Continue reading

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