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Hey, Remember NCAE’s ‘Member-Led’ Group? Organize 2020?

From time to time, I check back on certain stories to see what’s going on. I’ve been documenting a lot of politicking in our public schools in NC lately, so I thought I’d take a peek at Organize 2020 again.

The NCAE has claimed that Organize 2020 is their ‘member-led’ group, which the NCAE made into a caucus last year. I checked out their website. Most of it was the same, a few things changed:

One now can see the dues for their caucus which range from $5 to $35.
Mission statement is no longer front and center, but it’s still there.
NCAE is no longer hiding as their backer on petitions as they did on the Walk-In fiasco.
I noticed something on their “Actions” page that I hadn’t seen before. It probably had been there a while, but somehow I didn’t spot it before now. Under the ‘Find more information’ section on the “Actions” page the first link is: “What is Neo-liberalism?”

Uh, say what?

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