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NC Special June 2016 Primary Results – #ncpol

Yesterday was the special June primary. This is a winner take all primary with no run-off in the Congressional races.

There were 505,687 ballots cast out of 6,584,959 registered voters. Full statistics and results can be viewed at the State Board of Elections website.


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#NCblondes: Worse Than Trying To Juggle With Jello

In case you missed it, this morning I storified yet another round of facepalm inducing hypocrisy from Jeanne Bonds’ latest Twitter sockpuppet account, @NCBlondes.

Read it at Storify – #NCblondes: Case Study In Dox Branding Continue reading

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About That ‘Dox’ Attempt…

For those of you just tuning in, there was a failed dox attempt on me by a group calling themselves the #NCBlondes or at times #Nonblondes. They fancy themselves as a Democratic candidate recruiting team who frequent the #NCGA and #NCPOL hashtags. Continue reading

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When Liberals On Twitter Attack

This is a little story of what happens when Liberals attack on Twitter. Mind you, this has happened before but this time they took aim at my kids as a means of trying to get me to be quite. So…Earlier today I was treated to how territorial liberals are over the hashtag #NCpol and how desperate they are to keep it one big incestuous link around.

Full disclosure – It started with a tweet I didn’t tag correctly with an MT instead of an RT. I tweeted an acknowledgement to the original complaining party, however that wasn’t good enough. Someone else decided I was going to be a pet project:

RT @jeannebonds4nc: @gwfrink3 introduce her to @timothypeck and report her. They both take RT and lie.@ladyliberty1885

— Tim Peck (@timothypeck) May 21, 2013

Soon enough, I had people not even involved insulting me, attacking my choice to protect my kids by writing anonymously and in general wanting me to shut up and go away:

RT @jeannebonds4nc: @chadcnance @ladyliberty1885 the is the third time in 3 weeks a Mom is worried @ her kids so is anon. Answer:don’t tweet

— LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) May 21, 2013

I’m sorry, @jeannebonds4nc how are you involved with my mis-RT/MT of @gwfrink3 ?I’ve already noted the error and tweeted it. #GrowUp — LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) May 21, 2013

She never did answer that. Instead, the person in question, one @JeanneBonds4NC, spammed me, with help from pal @ChadCNance, and then threatened to report me for bothering her. Turns out after spamming me and with me not taking it lying down, she decided to let me know she had indeed reported me.

@ladyliberty1885 do you understand English?Reported. — Jeanne MillikenBonds (@JeanneBonds4NC) May 21, 2013

Keeps threatening/insulting me instead of blocking me => RT @jeannebonds4nc: @ladyliberty1885 do you understand English?Reported. — LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) May 21, 2013

Anyone following the tweet progression can see she beset on me and not the other way around. And these people wonder why some of us write anonymously – if they behave like this on Twitter, imagine face to face? @ChadCNance is a big man with 75 followers who has had death threats and yet still jumps into conversations online of which have nothing to do with him. Yeah, I’ll take his advice right to the bank.

@ladyliberty1885 @jeannebonds4nc – That is a fairly lame excuse. I’ve gotten death threats for articles. Here I am with my name hanging out.

— Chad C Nance (@ChadCNance) May 21, 2013

Yes, there you are with your name hanging out. Good for you! Cookie? I’m not doubting he may have received threats – who knows who stalks a man with 75 Twitter followers – but I don’t see him blogging about Unions, Jihad or Occupy. Groups which have given my email box a who new set of disgusting and disturbing new terms.

This is how the Left rolls – mocking someone for protecting their kids.

Pardon me, but I write under a pen name to protect my family, it makes me no less valid than someone writing out in the open. My kids deserve better than the biased drivel put out in the media today and if I have to write under a pen name to fight it, so be it. Your family should always be the priority.

A bit of irony from @JeanneBonds4NC’s timeline around the same time she was spam tweeting me:

Funny thing about twitter. Folks jump in conversations w/o reading all @ caste judgment. #refrain

— Jeanne MillikenBonds (@JeanneBonds4NC) May 21, 2013

How does the story end? Well, I’m not leaving. Figure it out. Continue reading

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