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Robeson GOP Chair: NCGOP Party Leaders Blew Off Our Election Complaints

The Chair of the Robeson County GOP is really ticked off the state party leaders like Dallas Woodhouse for sending Robeson County election complaints into a “black hole” because of the NC-09 debacle.

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A New Year Deserves New Leadership. Or Not.

It’s 2019 – a brand new year full of possibility and the opportunity to get it right with new leadership. Yes, NC GOP I’m talking to you.

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#NCGOP Elects Woodhouse For Exec Director…Yay?

Last night, Dallas Woodhouse was elected as the next Executive Director of the NC GOP.


KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Speech By Presidential Hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz Fires Up The Crowd At The NC GOP Convention

Applause and cheers greeted 2016 presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz as he took the stage at the North Carolina Republican Convention.

Opting to move around instead of speaking from behind a podium, Cruz sounded Reaganesque as he spoke on three main points of economic growth, defending our Constitutional rights and restoring America’s position in the world. Continue reading

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NCGOP: Moral Monday is Occupy 2.0

Moral Monday is Occupy 2.0? Sounds familiar… hey, that’s I’ve been calling them for months now! Welcome to the party NCGOP!
I’ll be covering Occupy Monday in my weekly national column at DaTechGuy blog tomorrow morning. Tune in, kids!

NCGOP Press release: Continue reading

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About That Flier and Sen. Bingham…

Haymaker is reporting on a story about Senator Bingham allegedly being given fliers by the NCGOP. The NC GOP denied they gave Bingham the flier. This was allegedly going on down in Davidson county (Senate District 33).

Sharon Myers of the Dispatch has a more recent update, wherein the flier has been demonstrated as paid for by Bingham, not the NC GOP, and in which Bingham apologizes and sets the record straight. Continue reading

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Your Donations To Progress NC Are Tax Exempt… Except When They’re Not. (UPDATES)

It appears that possibly Progress NC hasn’t been following the law with regards to donations made to the organization. The general gist here is that Progress NC apparently did not renew its solicitation license for non tax exempt status around mid-May of this year, yet has been receiving donations under the pretext the organization was compliant. Continue reading

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