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NC Chamber’s Mailer Gets The Nelson Treatment – #NC48 #NCpol

With the primary rapidly approaching, the mailer wars have begun.

This one in #NC48 put out by the NC Chamber is particularly hilarious.

Stick around while I give it the ‘Nelson treatment’. Continue reading

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More from #NC48 and A Little Rant To the NC Chamber on Common Core – #NCGA #NCpol

Recently I highlighted an article by the Daily Haymaker in which the NC Chamber of Commerce’s involvement in the race for the NC-48 Senate where the seat is being vacated by Sen. Apodaca.

I was engaged on Twitter by a regular reader wanting to make sure that people saw the bio for the candidate being backed by the NC Chamber, Chuck Edwards. I agreed to post it, so here you go…


I was also then desecended on by NC Chamber’s Nathan Babcock, who tried to sell me a line of utter BS on the Chamber’s involvement in Common Core.

BOY, did he pick the wrong Common Core fighting mom to peddle lies to.

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