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Benghazi Document Drop Shows $114 Million for #NC20 Candidate’s Company

One of the North Carolina General Assembly races this blog followed was the NC-20 House race between Tammy Covil and Holly Grange. Covil ran a tough campaign, calling out Grange’s company, Osprey Global Solutions, and its involvement in Benghazi.

Covil cited the Special Committee on Benghazi and the discovery of emails between Hillary Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal. Those emails showed Blumenthal going to bat for Grange’s company. Blumenthal appears to hold a financial interest in Osprey Global Solutions as well.

The Grange campaign responded by firing off a ‘cease and desist’ letter to the Covil campaign.

As it turns out, in a recent document dump by the House Committee on Benghazi further underscores Covil’s initial claims. Osprey Global Solutions and the very lucrative contracts it would be gaining are also mentioned throughout pages 44 to 50 of the document.

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Grange Campaign Attempts To Silence Covil Campaign – #ncpol #ncga #nc20

The Holly Grange campaign has gone full Obama by using lawfare to silence her opponent in the NC-20 House Race, Tammy Covil. Continue reading

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Covil: I stand with Governor, Lt. Governor On CLT Ordinance – #nc20 #ncpol

Tammy Covil, who is the True Conservative running in NC-20, dropped the following press release yesterday regarding the Charlotte City Council passing a transgender bathroom ordinance: Continue reading

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Grange “Honored” By Cobey Endorsement – #NC20

Holly Grange goes ALL IN on the Bill Cobey endorsement.
This is not going to play like she thinks it will with, you know, ACTUAL conservatives. Continue reading

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NC-16’s Rep. Millis Endorses Covil for NC-20 Seat

Dispatches from the NCGA House races…

In my inbox just a little while ago popped this endorsement from Rep. Millis in District 16. for Tammy Covil for NC-20. He’s endorsed Tammy Covil over the other challengers in the NC-20 race.

The press release is as follows:

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Covil Comes Out Swinging Early In #NC20 Race

In case you missed it, Rick Caitlin won’t be running again for his General Assembly seat representing District 20 (New Hanover).
Conservative Tammy Covil threw her hat in the ring, announcing her campaign live on the radio via the Freedom Action Radio network on November 2nd.

Within a week, Covil suddenly had company in the race. That company that might be unwelcome to voters familiar with Hillary Clinton’s pal, Sid Blumenthal.

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