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Professional Agitators to Descend on Durham on January 1st – #ncpol

A Black Lives Matter protest will happen in Durham this Friday, January 1st at 6 pm at CCB plaza according to an event posting on Facebook. The main host/creator of the event is Desmera Gatewood, whose Facebook profile lists her as … Continue reading

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Occupy Monday 6/16/14 Arrests

Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Arrested at Moral Monday yo!

Before we get into the list of the arrests, catch up on what went on by reading yesterday’s article: Occupy Monday 6/16/14 Edition: Workers ‘Rights’.

The Moral Monday Union Pals

Yesterday’s Moral Occupy Monday was packed with unions. Of note in attendance was The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). The attendance of AFGE likely sent chills up the legs of the NC Association of Educators and their protest arm, Organize2020, who desperately want to become a full-fledged union and ultimately kill NC public schools in the process. Take a gander at the “About” page at AFGE to see why; BFF’s with the AFL-CIO etc. Related read: Occupy Monday Agenda Would Cost $7 almost $10 Billion To Fund

Even with the influx of out-of-state union organizers there, attendance was sparse again.

Define “crowd” RT @704_SPCLC: The crowd in Halifax Mall #1u #MoralMonday pic.twitter.com/MlkgBZPaLc

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) June 16, 2014

Even Trumka got in on the Occupy act yesterday by tweeting the AFL-CIO’s video promoting civil disobedience:

#MoralMonday pushing ahead today, even in the face of bans on “imminent disturbance https://t.co/vqZA7yG6yE — Richard L. Trumka (@RichardTrumka) June 16, 2014

Not to be left out, the SEIU stood in solidarity with their Occupy Monday brothers and sisters.

The Arrestees & What The Local Media Won’t Tell You About Them

Here are the local Raleigh stories (below) which don’t really name any of the arrestees. ABC11 puts the number at ‘nearly 20’. In fact, it was 20. Nineteen arrested for 2nd degree trespass and one arrested for possession of pot. Continue reading

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#MeltdownMonday – June 3rd Edition Arrests

Yesterday was the 4th installment of “Moral Mondays” organized by the NAACP in front of the NC General Assembly. I’ve retitled them Meltdown Mondays, which is exactly what they are. No costumes this time, but I have high hopes for the next one. Highlights included Melissa Harris Perry showing up in order to apply her own brand of creepy shame, a couple of social justice speeches, chanting, singing and of course, more arrests. Without arrests and a big hoopla surrounding it, the media and people get bored and tune out. This is how Occupy did it, but they eventually wore out their welcome and people’s patience. ABC11 hits the nail on the head in the middle of their report:

Protesters have been seeking to call attention to the rightward shift of the state legislature, which was dominated for decades by moderate Democrats.

Yep. Elections have consequences.
“Mega Moral Monday”

The turnout was larger than last time, even with a week off, police said 1,000 and protesters said 1,600. Usually a break like that kills momentum and crowds are smaller, so what gives? What gives is the various Lefty organizations coordinating behind the scenes to pump up the numbers. Via watching the streaming online video, watching Twitter and noting the signage, the following groups were there:

Occupy Raleigh
NC Student Power Union
Occupy NCSU
Planned Parenthood
NC Justice Center

That probably isn’t all of them either. I added SEIU to the list since they clearly where there (ABC11), emphasis added: Continue reading

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What #MayDay2013 Protests Looked Like In Raleigh, NC

Looks like more proof I was right about NC Student Power Union being one of many offshoots of Occupy Raleigh, or at bare minimum comrades in arms. They all celebrated May Day together in downtown Raleigh. It wasn’t as dramatic as Seattle, but it wasn’t totally boring either.

Thank you to those with the NCSPU (Student Power Union) who engaged in civil disobedience yesterday as the fight… fb.me/2Vts2XVfV

— Occupy Raleigh (@OccupyRaleigh) May 2, 2013 Continue reading

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MSM Catches Up – Makes Debt Strike/Occupy Connection.

Gosh, I just hate it when I’m right. The MSM has caught up with the attempt of Occupy to branch out and form ‘legitimate’ looking outfits:

CNN: Occupy offshoot forgives $1 million in random people’s debt

Debt Strike in Raleigh is an offshoot of Occupy Raleigh, which has ties to Chapel Hill Occupy, NCSU Occupy and the NC Student Power Union. Organization upon organization, strung out like a spider web. To Occupy, that’s a feature not a bug. It allows for maximum message promotion from every possible angle. It casts a wide, vague net that’s hard to pin down until you zoom in. Then it’s crystal clear who you’re dealing with and it’s the same cast of characters just assuming new roles.

Side note — I even had one of them contact me about my article: Continue reading

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NC Student Power Union Unhappy with ‘Right Wing Hack Policy Outfit’

Uh oh. Looks like someone is sad panda that I called them and their Occupy pals out.

“Can’t wait to see how they freak out when we get in their faces.”

Ah…shades of Occupy. Mostly peaceful except when getting in people’s faces, defecating on cars, destroying public parks, destroying private businesses and their property, shouting at school children, throwing molotov cocktails, murdering people, raping people and of course, plotting to bomb bridges.

Yes, Zaina Alsous — you are an occupier just changing ships, often actually. Same goes for the laughing Juan Miranda. I chuckled.

The comments are precious, as was the comment posted on the cross-posted article at WatchDogWire. The young man posting at WatchDogWire ranted about the cost of living and paying for education yet according to Facebook, he’s in the Wake Tech Network. For those not local to the Research Triangle area, that is one of the most reasonably priced community colleges around. I replied to the young man as I can understand he’s frustrated, however he did little to convince me what I wrote was inaccurate. I know how the Left rolls.

The assumption about Wake Tech was cemented here, with the commenter’s occupy fascination here and here.

Oh whoops, did I just commit more of that ‘serious investigative journalism’? I laughed at that line. The ties between NC Student Power Union, Debt Strike and Occupy are clear, aided by the same people being recycled and involved in them. It’s also clear, by the reactions here that I hit the nail pretty squarely on the head with the article.

Side Note: Occupy NCSU, NC Student Power Union both have blocked me on Twitter. So much for getting in my face. Continue reading

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