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National PTA: LGBTQ individuals should be a protected class

At the recent annual convention in Orlando, the National PTA came out with a resolution backing the Obama administration’s push to create federal policies that would recognize LGBTQ individuals as a “protected class”.

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NC Common Core #ASRC June Meeting Update

Yesterday was the May meeting of the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC), which is tasked at reviewing the Common Core standards in order to give replacement recommendations to the State Board of Education at the end of this year. Continue reading

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Thinking About Joining the PTA? Might Want To See What They Support.

Kids all over the county head back to school. At orientations, joining the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is part of the mix. When my oldest went to Kindergarten, I hopped in with both feet and signed up. This was prior to finding out how the PTA had backed Common Core, mind you. I stuck around for a second year while my kid was in First grade, even after it became apparent this was ‘not my mom’s PTA’. This article might sound familiar to some of you reading it out there. Continue reading

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