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#NCED Updates: USED takes on sexual assault in K-12, CMS’ illegal survey, Guilford busing and more

This installment of NCED Updates includes the U.S Dept. of Education investigating sexual assault in K-12, local Quiet Epidemic updates and news from the State Board of Education. Also, Policy Watch gets per-pupil spending wrong, more on Guilford busing kids to the polls, CMS’s lawbreaking survey and Leandro updates. Continue reading

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About that North Carolina Teacher…

Policy Watch’s Rob Schofield has an article up titled A North Carolina teacher weighs in on the reality of Common Core repeal. The article is really by Rod Powell, a Common Core true believer affiliated with the Center for Teaching Quality and who has engaged me on Twitter defending the standards and on this blog. Powell should update his piece — The Commission members from the House and Senate have been named.

I am certain Mr. Powell is an excellent teacher. He was one before Common Core and he will be one after it is gone. Having said that, this turn of phrase is used by many Common Core true believers and it should bother everyone.

“The Common Core provided consistency and a curricular anchor for new teachers like my new colleague—as well as teaching veterans like me . The standards helped us push our students further and shape them into global citizens for the 21st century.”

“Consistency”? You had standards before.
“Curricular anchor”? Admitting that the endgame of a national curriculum is the point here? Thanks. Continue reading

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NC Policy Watch’s Incorrect Core Conclusions

Lindsay Wagner over at NC Policy Watch keeps trying on Common Core and can’t seem to get it straight. The most recent article, Sen. Jerry Tillman: “The timing is right” to repeal Common Core (w/ video), has some great clips of Senator Tillman telling it like it is, but Wagner’s conclusions are off.

Conclusions in this article are off, but good video => Sen. Tillman: “The timing is right” to repeal Common Core http://t.co/vpW4EaU4lg

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) July 16, 2014

Here is what I mean about “off”. Continue reading

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Corrections to Common Core’s Strange Bedfellows

It seems NC Policy Watch can no longer ignore the Common Core Controversy and have finally written about it. Not a bad stab at it and I was impressed to see the tie in with the financial incentives that went on in the adoption being mentioned, but there are some corrections and deeper explanations to be made. See below. Continue reading

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About That UNCW Poll…

There’s a survey floating around out there from UNCW on education. Some folks can barely contain their glee at a survey that so conveniently fits the BlueprintNC/Moral Monday style narrative they and their cohorts have been touting for a while now. Local media of course endorsed it.

While NC Policy Watch’s Wagner is celebrating more BlueprintNC crippling and eviscerating, I say not so fast. This survey was already on my radar and a few other’s, who have noted some big problems with it:

FYI… 60+% of them had public school employment history MT @kennycmckee: UNCW asked parents about #NCGA & #NCED => http://t.co/XAiuaYz1wN

— Pete Kaliner (@PeteKaliner) March 10, 2014 Continue reading

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Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Donations to Blueprint NC Larger Than First Realized

The scandal surrounding Blueprint NC, a Left leaning non-profit, has been stepped up a notch with GOP leaders calling for an investigation into the group’s 501(c)(3) status. The group claims to be a non-partisan, however this recent memo would suggest otherwise. Civitas has just uncovered that the previously reported donation by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation to Blueprint that totaled $400,000 was not the full story.

While they talk about the $400,000 figure for 2013 what is left unsaid is the large and continuing supportby ZSR for Blueprint NC activities. Looking through past IRS 990’s on http://www.guidestar.com, along with the $400,000 above, ZSR has supplied $2.1 million since 2009 to Blueprint NC. They did this either directly or through the NC Justice Center which originally started and housed Blueprint NC with the assistance of a grant from Reynolds. (Source: Civitas)

The NC Justice Center also houses The AJ Fletcher Foundation. The Fletcher Foundation is run by Jim Goodmon, who owns Capital Broadcasting and TV station, WRAL. Jim Goodmon, Barbara Goodmon, James Goodmon Jr and Michael Goodmon all sit on the board of AJ Fletcher. Jim Goodmon Senior is Chairman of the Board.

NC Justice Center is also linked with NC Policy Watch – there is even a menu link to them on the NC Justice Center homepage. As I’ve written before, WRAL has not commented on the clear ties and bias these associations present. To reiterate the point made by Civitas:

Lastly, it should be noted that WRAL is owned by the Goodmon family, which has ties to Blueprint through four of its family members being on the board of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation. According to the Civitas Institute, the Foundation has given the progressive group $35,000 in donations, and a former reporter for WRAL, Chris Fitzsimon, is head of the NC Policy Watch – which was the point of the lance in the Blueprint attack machine. Fitzsimon is also allowed free airtime on WRAL-FM, which serves as a platform to attack his political enemies.

Looking at Fitzsimon’s commentary, one can see he is clearly not a fan of Pat McCrory. If you need more convincing, you can listen to him hammer McCrory’s State of the State Address – on WRAL of course.. He’s not a fan of Art Pope either and yep – you guessed it, WRAL reported:

“Whether it’s fair or not, he is one of the most polarizing political figures in North Carolina. And now he is writing a state budget for nearly 10 million people,” said Chris Fitzsimon, a policy analyst and writer with the liberal N.C. Policy Watch. “It’s shocking that a governor who claims he is trying to reach across the aisle would make such an appointment.”

Pope-funded Civitas has distributed a tax reform blueprint this week that would eliminate the individual income tax in favor of raising the sales tax and broadening the number of items and services to which sales tax applies. Fitzsimon questioned whether work like that by those think tanks will now become official McCrory administration positions.

How’s that for the pot calling the kettle black?

Fitzsimon’s Bio is posted on NC Justice Center and he also posts at NC Policy Watch’s Progressive Pulse. Just last month, Fitzsimon quotes an article by Mark Binker – the reporter covering the Blueprint NC memo for WRAL. Ironically, the article he quotes is about Republicans setting up a non-profit.

So, the question remains: When will WRAL report their connection to Blueprint NC? Continue reading

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