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About that North Carolina Teacher…

Policy Watch’s Rob Schofield has an article up titled A North Carolina teacher weighs in on the reality of Common Core repeal. The article is really by Rod Powell, a Common Core true believer affiliated with the Center for Teaching Quality and who has engaged me on Twitter defending the standards and on this blog. Powell should update his piece — The Commission members from the House and Senate have been named.

I am certain Mr. Powell is an excellent teacher. He was one before Common Core and he will be one after it is gone. Having said that, this turn of phrase is used by many Common Core true believers and it should bother everyone.

“The Common Core provided consistency and a curricular anchor for new teachers like my new colleague—as well as teaching veterans like me . The standards helped us push our students further and shape them into global citizens for the 21st century.”

“Consistency”? You had standards before.
“Curricular anchor”? Admitting that the endgame of a national curriculum is the point here? Thanks. Continue reading

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NC Policy Watch’s Incorrect Core Conclusions

Lindsay Wagner over at NC Policy Watch keeps trying on Common Core and can’t seem to get it straight. The most recent article, Sen. Jerry Tillman: “The timing is right” to repeal Common Core (w/ video), has some great clips of Senator Tillman telling it like it is, but Wagner’s conclusions are off.

Conclusions in this article are off, but good video => Sen. Tillman: “The timing is right” to repeal Common Core http://t.co/vpW4EaU4lg

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) July 16, 2014

Here is what I mean about “off”. Continue reading

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Corrections to Common Core’s Strange Bedfellows

It seems NC Policy Watch can no longer ignore the Common Core Controversy and have finally written about it. Not a bad stab at it and I was impressed to see the tie in with the financial incentives that went on in the adoption being mentioned, but there are some corrections and deeper explanations to be made. See below. Continue reading

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