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Who Is Driving Education Policy In NC?

Last year, I called attention to a group called the NC Superintendent Large District Consortium and their intention to call for a seven-year lock in of Common Core in the state.

I’ve kept tabs and have questions about who is driving education policy in the state of North Carolina.

I placed a Freedom of Information Act request last September and have just recently received the information back from Wake County Public Schools. I requested emails that had “NC Superintendent Large District Consortium” and “Common Core” in the subject or body of the emails.


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Former NC Governor Perdue’s DigiLearn Propped Up By Gates Grant

After leaving the state of NC in financial chaos after just one term, former Governor Bev Perdue founded a cushy little non-profit with the help of Common Core founding father, former NC Governor Jim Hunt.

That non-profit is called DigiLearn. It’s an incorporated entity.

DigiLearn is arguably a vehicle for Bill Gates to push his latest wave of Common Core through ‘personalized digital learning’ apps and other related support. Keep reading, you’ll see where Gates is propping up this venture.


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N&O Op-Ed Skips Mention Of “Strategic Plan” Cost

How nice for Phil Kirk to write about the “strategic plan” costing Wake taxpayers over 58K. http://t.co/uc3mZwvgP2 #nced #wcpss

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) August 23, 2014

Isn’t that special? A nice rah-rah article drawing attention to the costly “strategic plan” for Wake County Schools. Where was this kind of press for the Superintendent’s ‘listening’ forum earlier this year? Continue reading

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Letter To Wake Cty Superintendent

The proposed budget came out for Wake County Schools. I had some questions, so I popped off a letter, which I have included below. It’s worth noting I also ask about the NC Large District Superintendent Consortium, of which I have an active FOIA request currently in process. I also ask about the ambitious raise of 3.5% Merrill highlights. I’m pleased to see that, however how is it structured exactly? It would be more frustration and a shame to see the rug get pulled out from under teachers again, so that is one question I ask. Continue reading

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The Read To Achieve Debacle

Kristin Blair at Carolina Journal has an article up this morning that points out the issues that have come along with Sen. Berger’s Read To Achieve law. There has been mass confusion on the new law, it’s roll out (which DPI was partly responsible for by the way) and complaints from educators that the reading passages contained in it are not appropriate for 3rd graders. Continue reading

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