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Governor Debates: Cooper Stuck on Social Issues, Confused About Taxes

The second and third gubernatorial debates took place on October 11th and 18th respectively. While there were no ‘October surprises’ during these debates, what was surprising were some of the claims made by Attorney General Roy Cooper. Continue reading

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Bob Etheridge vs Walter Dalton

Clash of the NC Dem Titans:
Captain ‘Who Are You’ vs. Walter *yawwwwwn* Dalton
Bill “Occupier” Faison treated like the fat kid picked last at kickball Continue reading

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Etheridge Announces Bid For NC Governor

I had been waiting and hoping he’d throw his hat in the ring. That statement from him is positively perfect. Time for a flashback Bob! Continue reading

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Bev “Suspend Elections” Perdue Meets Ironic End

This week NC Governor, Bev Perdue, announced she would not seek re-election. Color me shocked. Irony had a chuckle about that since her flap earlier this year about suspending elections. The only campaign being suspended is her own. Probably a good idea Bev, since you and your staff were caught receiving unemployment numbers ahead of the public release, your staff has been indicted and so have some of your donors. Continue reading

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