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On Common Core, I had Sen. Ted Cruz “at Hello”

This morning I was honored to be in on a grassroots panel with 2016 Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz. Multiple topics were discussed and time was running short, but I managed to get the last question of the session….and I had Senator Cruz “at Hello”. Continue reading

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NCGOP Kicks Off April Fools In Style

The NC GOP kicked off April Fools Day in style this year.

KEEP READING… FOR THE LULZ… Continue reading

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NCGOP To Cabarrus: Rescind Resolution

Encouraging people to swap parties to steer a primary, Democrats dressed up like Republicans — or in some cases “DemoPublicanRepubliCrats” — these are a few of the examples of the mess out in Cabarrus county. The Cabarrus Republican party had had enough and put a resolution out denouncing two candidates and the various tactics being employed. A few days later, the NC GOP told Cabarrus to rescind that resolution claiming it violated party rules.
I reached out to the NC GOP. Here is the statement from Executive Director Todd Poole about it (below). Poole also clarified that the NC GOP ‘received no complaints from any state reps or state elected officials’. about the Cabarrus resolution. Continue reading

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Hey NCAE, Where Are Those ‘Walk In’ Links?

Yesterday I wrote about a flyer that came home in the homework and take-home folders of hundreds of kids at Holly Ridge Elementary. That flyer is posted below. I also posted an image of the ‘Walk In’ protest event being promoted by a teacher during the workday on Monday using an official email. The story took on a life of its own and within hours it was clear the ‘Walk In’ being promoted in that flyer was being promoted through official channels in multiple locations throughout the state.

Yes, I am calling this a protest. When one sends out a flyer like the one below, advocating for one side of an issue, that could be called ‘raising awareness’…in political correctness speak. Events where you are speaking out against something, calling attention to something or are asking for people to join you in doing so are usually called protests. Speak out? Be heard? That’s protesting… and THAT’S OK. Continue reading

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NC GOP Call For Investigation of Blueprint NC Non-Profit Status

The recent scandal involving Left-leaning Blueprint NC and their leaked attack memo calling for the ‘evisceration’ of Republican leaders in the state, specifically mentioning Governor Pat McCrory, is not going away anytime soon. North Carolina Republicans are calling for an investigation into the non-profit. Continue reading

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