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Occupy Monday 6/16/14 Arrests

Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Arrested at Moral Monday yo!

Before we get into the list of the arrests, catch up on what went on by reading yesterday’s article: Occupy Monday 6/16/14 Edition: Workers ‘Rights’.

The Moral Monday Union Pals

Yesterday’s Moral Occupy Monday was packed with unions. Of note in attendance was The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). The attendance of AFGE likely sent chills up the legs of the NC Association of Educators and their protest arm, Organize2020, who desperately want to become a full-fledged union and ultimately kill NC public schools in the process. Take a gander at the “About” page at AFGE to see why; BFF’s with the AFL-CIO etc. Related read: Occupy Monday Agenda Would Cost $7 almost $10 Billion To Fund

Even with the influx of out-of-state union organizers there, attendance was sparse again.

Define “crowd” RT @704_SPCLC: The crowd in Halifax Mall #1u #MoralMonday pic.twitter.com/MlkgBZPaLc

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) June 16, 2014

Even Trumka got in on the Occupy act yesterday by tweeting the AFL-CIO’s video promoting civil disobedience:

#MoralMonday pushing ahead today, even in the face of bans on “imminent disturbance https://t.co/vqZA7yG6yE — Richard L. Trumka (@RichardTrumka) June 16, 2014

Not to be left out, the SEIU stood in solidarity with their Occupy Monday brothers and sisters.

The Arrestees & What The Local Media Won’t Tell You About Them

Here are the local Raleigh stories (below) which don’t really name any of the arrestees. ABC11 puts the number at ‘nearly 20’. In fact, it was 20. Nineteen arrested for 2nd degree trespass and one arrested for possession of pot. Continue reading

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Occupy Monday’s #NCGA Welcoming Cmte’s Huge Crowd

Occupy Monday welcomed back the NC General Assembly today… hooraaaaay.

Now, with 78% more hyperbole and indignation! “@NCCapitol: A sequel to last summer’s Moral Monday protests at #ncga set to begin Monday.”

— Trip Radtke (@TripRadtke) May 14, 2014

The union desiring arm of the NCAE (Organize2020) that keeps pushing campaigns using our kids as their couriers was there:

#May14 the #NCGA comes back. @NCAE @ncnaacp @NCStateAFLCIO will be there to greet them. #ForwardTogether #OrganizeTheSouth — Organize 2020 (@Organize2020) May 14, 2014

In the tradition adopted last year, it’s the biggest Moral Monday yet! No, not really:

Dozens. RT @DavidWhisenant: Lots of folks here protesting #ncga policies. @ncnaacp @ncae Short Session starts at noon pic.twitter.com/W5ES1WJ9td — LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) May 14, 2014 Continue reading

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@AimHigherNC Still A Mystery

To date, no media outlet has asked the pointed question and received an answer from Aim Higher NC on who their backers are. We do know that Organize2020, the NCAE member-led protest arm, says they are not involved. We also know that Rob Black of Red Wolf Communications is being called a ‘spokesperson’ for Aim Higher in the media. Black was a former communications directors for the Teamsters.

The only clue is the Aim Higher website. At the bottom, it says”Built by Powerthru Consulting”. A click on that text takes you to a PowerThru Consulting page although the address remains AimHigherNC. Now, click on ‘Clients’. There is a long list of Unions on it, of which the AFL-CIO and Progress NC stand out as having a presence in North Carolina: Continue reading

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