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Teacher shortage? How about 7,300 backlogged applications?

The narrative is we have a teacher shortage.

In February, Superintendent June Atkinson blamed the shortage on not enough teachers entering the profession.

The truth is we have 7,300 backlogged teacher licensing applications in this state. Continue reading

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Progress NC Comms Director Takes NC Education False Narratives To HuffPo

One has to laugh at the lengths at which Progress NC will go to in order promulgate their false education narratives.

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More on the NC Teacher Turnover Report by the Media – #NCED #NCGA

Yesterday, Lt. Governor Dan Forest released a video highlighting important information which the media in North Carolina has been remiss in reporting on.


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Wallet Hub Ranking More of a Wallet Flub

As I mentioned in an earlier article, ‘Wallet Hub’ has produced its second education related ranking list. The first Wallet Hub ranking list came out last year and was full of holes, this one is no different. Continue reading

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PR Firm EducationNC on Book Controversies: Parents, Let the Experts Decide

PR Firm, EducationNC, has a new article up by Ann McColl. She harps on the policy of the schools as having the right to decide what your kid reads and sees at school.

In a nutshell: Parents, you should let the ‘experts’ decide what your kids read and learn.

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News and Observer Shills For BEST NC

Apparently BEST NC’s PR firm, EducationNC, isn’t high profile enough to get the right amount of spin out.

The News and Observer had to be called in to do a cloying op-ed praising them. It starts out slapping around Republicans and then offers BEST NC as the solution. Read it here and be sure to check out the comments.

This op ed, of course, is setting the stage for when Rep. Graig Meyer rolls out his ‘big bill’. It is more narrative driving of education by a non-governmental organization or NGO.

BEST NC is an NGO; An unelected and publicly unaccountable entity.

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More PR From EducationNC

More PR from @EducationNC #nced #stopcommoncore Is the debate over education’s Common Core the wrong debate? https://t.co/ncvPlAJioG

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) February 16, 2015

More narrative driving.

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